Queen Bee Salon Review

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

If you read my post on SalonSpy.co.uk, you'll know that I recently started working with them on reviewing salons in my local area. So, last week I hotfooted it over to Queen Bee Salon in Scunthorpe for the pleasure of receiving a couple of treatments, courtesy of SalonSpy.co.uk

I was booked in for a facial with Kylie and a cut and blowdry with Jenny, and I was so excited at the prospect of having a pamper whilst checking out the salon. When I arrived, I was given a really warm welcome, was seated and given a skincare form to fill out as my facial was first on the agenda. The staff waited patiently whilst I filled things in, and once done I was lead up the stairs to the beauty salon area. I have to say, I was completely blown away by how stunning the salon itself is. It was decorated beautifully, with a deliciously decadent decor, and was by far the prettiest salon I've ever been to. 

I was shown into the treatment room, which again, was completely stunning, and made myself comfortable whilst Kylie had a look over my form and decided which facial would be best for me. At Queen Bee Salon they use Darphin products, which I've never used before so was really looking forward to trying something new. The Darphin Customised Facials are great because they are bespoke to your skin needs, and I was given the Stop Shine Purifying Facial, which was perfect for my oily, acne-prone skin. 

I have to say, the facial was completely luxurious and relaxing; I've only had a couple of facials before in the past but this was most definitely my favourite. The lights were dimmed and candles were dotted around the room, as well as relaxing music playing in the background. It was a really thorough treatment, which Kylie was extremely knowledgeable in, and she talked me through the products whilst filling me in on the Darphin brand, all of which I found really interesting. Essential Oils were used which smelt completely amazing, and I was given a gorgeous massage whilst the products worked their way into my skin. The face mask I was given during the facial was unlike any I'd ever had before; the mask was applied, followed by sheets which Kylie had previously asked if I would be okay with as anyone with claustrophobia might find them a bit unsettling, but I was fine and found the treatment really soothing. I was given an arm and hand massage whilst the face mask worked its magic, and once the facial was over I was given as long as I wanted to get up and go into the next room to sit down and wait to be called for my hair to be done. I was given a glass of water (a must after a facial) told to sit down and relax whilst being shown some of the products that were used for me to try out on the back of my hand, both of which felt amazing. I was handed over a 'Personal Recommendation' booklet with all the product details of what had been used, as well as instructions on application. I had a little read through this and then Jenny came to collect me to have my hair done. 

I was lead downstairs to the hair salon area, which was just as lavishly decorated as the rest of the salon, and took a seat in the hairdressers chair whilst Jenny asked me what I would like doing. I am really precious about my hair, so I stated I only wanted a little trim as I'm growing my hair out, which Jenny completely understood. I felt entirely at ease with her and whereas I am usually extremely nervous about getting my hair cut, Jenny reassured me she would only take off a tiny bit which put my mind at rest. I was taken over to get my hair washed and conditioned, and then lead back to the chair where Jenny talked me through the products they use. Queen Bee Salon uses only the best Bumble and Bumble hair products, which I was really excited about as I've never used them before. I explained to her that I love big hair, so she got a selection of Bumble and Bumble Thickening Products to use on my locks. She took no time at all to give my hair a nice subtle trim (no huge piles of hair on the floor here - phew!), and then proceeded to blowdry my hair. I'd never previously understood why people go to salons purely to have a blowdry - until now. The blowdry Jenny gave my hair was absolutely amazing - she explained she would give my hair lots of bounce and flicks at the end, and she carefully sectioned out my hair and worked her magic, blowdrying the sections, applying the thickening product and gripping my hair in place to allow it to set. Once done, she ungripped my hair, brushed it through and applied a bit more product, and I was utterly amazed at the result. I have always, always wanted to achieve that Hollywood, Cosmo-Cover, big bouncy hair look with loose waves and loads of volume, but I've never been able to do it. Jenny transformed my hair and made it look exactly like that - almost as if she'd read my mind. I was totally ecstatic with the results and really wish I'd taken a picture now, as I really doubt I'll be able to recreate the look at home! Once done Jenny handed me over a booklet with all the information on the products she'd used, and I left the salon feeling like a million dollars. 

Overall I am SO impressed with Queen Bee Salon. The treatments I had were completely amazing, and left both my skin and my hair feeling and looking gorgeous. The staff were lovely, the atmosphere was great and the decor was divine. The products they use are the best of the best and this completely shows in the results I was given after the treatments. The facial would have been £42, which I think is a great price, especially as my skin is now looking the best it has in ages - no word of a lie. The cut and blowdry would have been £45.00, which is more than I would usually pay, however I would most definitely pay this to have my hair done there again as my hair seriously has never looked so good as it did walking out of the salon! I have to say, hand-on-heart, that Queen Bee Salon is the best salon I have ever been to and I would not hesitate to go there again. It's a complete hidden gem and I am so happy I was given the opportunity to go there and receive these fantastic treatments - I was most definitely treated like a Queen! 

All the reviews for Queen Bee Salon on Salonspy.co.uk are fantastic and I can completely see why. You can follow Queen Bee Salon on Twitter here or 'like' their Facebook page here

*As stated above this was a complimentary service on behalf of SalonSpy.co.uk however my thoughts and opinions on the service are 100% genuine as always.*