If I could dress like any TV character...

Sunday, 2 June 2013

1. River Island - £50.00 / 2. Miss Selfridge - £10.00 (sale) / 3. New Look - £3.99 / 4. Topshop - £18.00 / 5. Miss Selfridge - £24.00 (sale) / 6. Amazon - £2.95 (+85p postage) / 7. Miss Selfridge - £20.00 (sale)

I don't know about you, but I'm one of those people that can get a little bit obsessed with TV characters. In particular, I tend to obsess over their clothes, their swanky house/flat, or basically, their whole life (Gossip Girl, I'm looking at you). One of my favourite TV characters to obsess over has got to be Jess from New Girl. I love how kooky, kitsch and cute Jess's style is, and how it completely corresponds to her character. Jess reminds me of me a lot so I can totally see why I adore her style. The pretty tea dresses, ditsy bows, illustrated tees and cute ballerina flats all add up to a sugary sweet style that I'm completely head over heels for.

I decided I'd have a little peruse of some online clothes shops to see if I could find a few items that I think emulate her style, and I think I did really well. There are loads of things on the highstreet I could see Jess wearing, so these are just a tiny snippet of things you could wear to style Jess's style.

First up, I couldn't resist popping this AMAZING coat in there, which I can totally see Jess wearing. It's quirky and chic with a retro edge, and I've been desperate to get my paws on it ever since I saw it. It's from River Island and at £50 isn't the cheapest, but it's such a stand-out piece I think it's worth every penny. I'm going to have to try hard to resist this before pay day! Second up, I don't think Jess would be Jess without her funky tees (do we remember the jamboree top in the first ep!?), and this white cat crop would look completely Jess under a denim dungaree dress or with high-waisted shorts. It's a steal in the sale at Miss Selfridge for only a tenner too. The Kermit socks are totally related to Jess's famous 'Kermit the Frog voice' and I couldn't help put them in. Jess is never without her ballet flats and these are so pretty with a floral emboss detailing on them, from the one and only Topshop. I had to put a floral pinafore dress in there (from River Island) as I think pinafores completely sum up Jess's style, plus, they're everywhere at the minute. The bunny ear phone case is just like the red one Jess owns but in pink, so I think all Jess wannabes need one of these (I have one!) I've wanted this super cute cat-wearing-a-bow jumper from Miss Selfridge for absolutely ages, and it's now in the sale for £15 - the perfect excuse to purchase if there ever was one. Finally, this stunning coral prom dress from Miss Selfridge is the ultimate Jess partywear, and I can 100% see her in something like this. Again, it's in the sale at £20 - total and utter bargain.

I really love the pieces I chose to recreate my favourite TV characters look and I'm going to have to try very hard to resist buying them all! I think my favourites are most definitely the coat and the cat jumper - amazing. Putting this blog post together made me realise if Jess was british Miss Selfridge would totally be her favourite shop - there are SO many things in there that remind me of her style.

Which TV character's style do you want to steal? Let me know!

*This post is a collaboration*