There's a fairy at the bottom of the garden...

Sunday, 16 June 2013


As you may probably be aware by my blog name, I have a little obsession with fairies. Anything with a fairy on it gets me excited - books, pictures, accessories... but most predominantly, jewellery. I find pieces of jewellery featuring fairies to be really few and far between so when I find one, I have to have it. I think fairies invoke images of magic and enchantment and beauty, so when I was offered something to review from the Henryka website, and I stumbled across a little selection of pretty nympths, fairies and pixies, I couldn't resist getting one. 

I hadn't previously heard of the website Henryka, but after a little perusal I found so many beautiful pieces of silver and amber jewellery, making me really glad I found it. I remember when I was little I had a bit of a thing for silver amber jewellery - I bought a silver and amber elephant necklace off a lady in Camden Market  years ago, and when she told me it was lucky I never took it off. Since then silver and amber jewellery has held quite a bit of sentiment to me. I chose the Silver Fairy Pendant Holding a Cognac Amber Sphere, which for £19 I think is such a cute and delicate little piece of jewellery. It's really detailed and cute and I like wearing it with a slightly longer chain to give a kind of boho vibe. It's seriously pretty and I love it so much. 

Are you a fan of silver jewellery? I'm usually a costume jewellery girl at heart but I can't resist little pieces like this!