Zest Challenge with Alpro: On the Day

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Zest Challenge with Alpro - 15th June 2013

If you read my post here you'll know that a couple of weeks ago I took part in a really exciting challenge with Alpro and Zest Magazine. I was incredibly nervous, but after training hard and lots of tips and diet plans from Alpro I felt prepared for the day ahead. It was actually pretty chilly when I arrived at the venue for the run but luckily it brightened up as the day went on, and when it was Team Alpro's wave time the sun was well and truly shining. I had a really fun time going round the course; I think I started off too quickly (getting ahead of myself ha) and I paid for that a bit during the middle, but I paced myself carefully and managed to overtake a lot of the girls who'd previously been in front of me because of my pacing which I was pretty proud of! There were lots of little obstacles around the course, including hay bales, a bouncy castle, waterslide etc., and this totally added to the fun factor. After the race I was given a Zest goodie bag full to the brim with fab fitness goodies and treats, and had a chance to chat to the other girls properly over Alpro's picnic they put on for us. 

I had an amazing day and the thrill I got from running the race was like nothing I'd ever experienced. There was a real 'girl power' feel to the day and I met so many lovely people, I would 100% do it again and I cannot wait for next years race! I totally recommend doing the Zest Challenge to anyone, it was such a great experience and it's definitely something I'll always remember!