Friday, 5 July 2013

Cheap Frills Skull Rings

Skull Rings* - Cheap Frills

You know me, I'm always up for a bit of quirky jewellery, and as summer is now in full swing I'm falling in love with so many bright and colourful pieces. Summer is definitely my favourite time of year for clothes, jewellery and accessories - everything is just so pretty and pastel or bright and colourful, my two favourite things.

I've been a fan of Cheap Frills since I discovered it a while ago when a few bloggers were blogging about the gorgeous cat and dog necklaces they have, which go perfectly with collared tops. When I recently saw their latest drop of amazing sugar skull/day of the dead-esque skull rings I fell head over heels, and was lucky enough to be sent a couple of the gorgeous pieces.

These rings are SO gorgeous, and they're me all over. I love skull jewellery and the mix of skulls and bright colours/patterns is so pretty. The rings are completely adjustable,  totally unique and perfect for over the summer, and I think would look super cool at festivals. Since I got mine I've been wearing them religiously and I think I need to add the gorgeous mint green skull to complete my collection. For only £7 each I think they're an absolute bargain!

Have you got any jewellery from Cheap Frills before? I've got my eye on their gorgeous Dotty Dog necklaces - they scream cute and kitsch! Love love love! 


  1. these are so adorable! love the pink and blue one the best xx

  2. Very cute!! Love it!


  3. Love these :) Think the purple is my fave

    Stacey x

  4. I love these rings! They are really cute and have bright colours. PERFECT!

    Maria x

  5. Cute rings :)

  6. Omg I really love those!between the fact that they are skulls and are ace colours they couldn't actually get any better!hehe!i need some!:)

  7. OhmyGod they are perfect! And they do a lovely mint shade, I'm 100% sold!

    Maxine, xx

  8. i absolutely love your blog and youtube!! your style is amazing and these rings are super cute!!

  9. absolutely adore those rings.. and your blog too! so glad i found it. followed you on blogger and bloglovin straight away ♥

  10. Ahh they are so cute! <3

    Jennie xo |

  11. love the colors!

  12. You ARE pure genius! That spool holder is ideal for your rings. I even have a bunch of rings in an exceedingly box that i am forever thumbing through . That spool holder would be nice. that will take up some serious realty on my dresser, though. i'm wondering if there square measure smaller ones.
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