Money SuperMarket's Big Night In

Monday, 8 July 2013


 A little while ago Money Supermarket gave me £50 to spend on creating the perfect 'Big Night In'. I am a big fan of nights in and generally much prefer them over going out, so I jumped at the chance of being involved. I had a big debate over what kind of night in I should go for; I thought about doing a girly pamper night, with beauty products aplenty, or a movie night with lots of pizza and chocolate, but in the end I decided to go for something which this weekend has been absolutely perfect for; a good old BBQ.

Although our typical British summer usually means that BBQs are few and far between, if you pick your dates wisely you can have a really great time. This weekend the weather has been so hot, topping almost 30 degrees, so ideal BBQ weather. On Saturday after a trip to the beach me and my boyfriend got cracking. He was in charge of the meat (as you're probably aware I'm a veggie and refuse to go near it) and I took charge of the veggie options (there are three vegetarians in my family) and making the vegetable skewers (which were amazing by the way, halloumi cheese is THE best). I was actually pretty amazed at how much we could get with just £50, and we ended up with plenty of food and alcohol to go around. Our main choice of drink was sparkling Rose, but we also made vanilla floats, some lemon and lime spritzers and even had a cheeky shot or two.

We'd invited lots of family members and I think it's safe to say everyone had a really great time. I think BBQs are the perfect way of getting the family together and having fun, without breaking the bank. If you know where to shop you can seriously get a lot for your money, and we definitely took advantage of all the fab summer offers that were on. The night was definitely a success and proof that you don't need to leave the house and hit the town to have a good night.

Did you enter Money Supermarket's 'Big Night In' competition? Are you a fan of nights in or do you prefer heading out?