Monday, 29 July 2013

My Bedtime Beauty Skincare Regime

Suffering with oily, acne-prone skin means that I've always had to have a pretty regimented skincare routine. However, as I've got older and my skin's improved, I've become a bit lax. I'm a pretty lazy person as it is, and sometimes the lure of bedtime makes me bypass using all my lotions and potions. Instead I'll opt for a quick makeup removal and wash of my skin, and then I'll hop into bed, feeling ever-so-slightly guilty for my lack of skin pampering. Recently however, I've come to the realisation that I really should be looking after my skin more, and I've actually started to relish my pre-bedtime skincare sesh. 

Once I've removed my makeup and cleansed and toned my skin, I'll open up my skincare stash on my bedside table and get to work prepping my skin for a good eight hours of beauty sleep. I've been loving using REN's Resurfacing AHA Concentrate* in place of my beloved Liquid Gold - I use this a few nights a week to really exfoliate and help resurface my skin, improving uneven skintone and any scars or previous blemishes I've had. It's really gentle and I can most definitely see a difference in my skin since using it. I've also really been enjoying using Nourish's Nutritious Peptide Serum*. Nourish isn't a brand I'd heard of previously but I'm really glad I discovered them. This serum smells deliciously of fresh apples, and helps to balance skin and refine pores - something I'm definitely in need of! I've not noticed dramatic results yet but I'm really loving using it.

For the ultimate indulgent pamper, Clarins' Lotus Face Treatment Oil* is now a firm favourite in my night time skincare regime. This super luxurious oil leaves my skin feeling amazing, smells incredible, and is really beneficial to oily/combination skin. Bizarre considering it's an oil, but often taking away oil from oily skins leads to it producing more. This is such a treat to use and really helps to balance the skin, remove congestion and improve skin tone. I absolutely adore it. 

In terms of moisturisers, I'm still hunting for the perfect night cream, but for now the GinZing Moisturiser* from Origins is doing a pretty fine job. I reviewed it a few days ago so for a full write-up have a look here. Once I've applied that, I'll use Benefit's It's Potent Eye Cream under the eyes and dab on some of my beloved Origins Spot Remover* to any pimples I might have. I love this spot product so much. It does an amazing job of getting rid of pimples and although it stings when applied, you can tell it is really drying out the spot and in the morning the results are incredible. To finish off I'll pop some Carmex Lipbalm on my lips and I'm good to go for a night of well-earnt beauty sleep. 

What is your nighttime skincare regime like? Do you take time out to pamper your skin, or are you lazy when it comes to skincare? 


  1. I'd love to try the REN concentrate! The Clarins oil sounds lovely too, I've been using a Botanics one recently which I've noticed has made such a difference to my skin. xo

  2. I have the Benefit eye cream and havent even opened it yet! I really want to try that Origins moisturiser too x

  3. That Origins spot remover sounds great, I think I'll give it a go as I too suffer from acne prone skin x

  4. The Origins Spot Remover is amazing. I'm sad because mine is almost finished!

    Annie |

  5. Origins always comes up trumps. Dying to try the spot remover.

  6. I always try to stick to my bedtime routine as I find it's worth the extra few minutes because I seem to sleep much better. I actually have a similar post planned for later this week!
    I really want to try GinZing, off to read your review now. The REN concentrate and Clarins oil both sound really lovely, too.

    Jess xo

  7. Im so lazy when it comes to a skincare routine , I really need to find one and stick to it !

  8. Thanks for sharing lovely, I seriously need to pay attention to my skin care regime - I'm yet to try Origins products but I've tried Nourish and I really like their natural skin care range.

    Elizabeth x

  9. love me some REN - might have to snaffle this one
    Emma x

  10. This serum sounds gorgeous, you've got a great routine going


  11. I'm lazier than it likes to admit when it comes to my skin care but I'm working to change that! I've also really started loving posts like these as they're helpful for my own routine!
    Lovely Notions

  12. I've recently been using the Clarins Lotus Oil too and at first I didn't notice a difference but now I love it! I really want to try some Origins products, and the spot remover sounds amazing!

  13. love the mix of different brands. the benefit eye potent is definitely one of my fav all time eye creams.


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