Online Shopping Wishlist

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

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2. Not On the High Street - £9.95 for two
4. NARS Cosmetics - £32 each
5. House of Fraser - £29

I'm obsessed with online shopping. It is, without a doubt, my favourite pastime, and I could happily whittle away the hours adding more and more things to my basket. Living in the sticks since I was born has meant that shopping has always been a little bit difficult, particularly when you're a shopaholic like myself. I remember always begging my dad to drive me into town on the weekend so I could go shopping, and then as I got older those weekends would be spent on buses and trains, getting to bigger and better cities and much better shops. 

As much as I loved trailing around shopping when I was growing up, it gets to the point where shopping can get a little bit on the stressful side. Sale shopping is usually a big disaster, and as much as I love Primark the changing room queues and cluttered shelves always put me off. To add to this, a lot of the clothes and beauty shops I love are no where near my reach. Living in Lincolnshire means that I don't have a MAC or a NARS counter near me, nor an Illamasqua. H & M is at least an hour's drive away, Urban Outfitters is non-existent and heaven forbid you find a Topshop on the medium, let alone the large, side.

Since getting a computer all those years back, and particularly since starting blogging, online shopping has become my best friend. It's just so... easy. If I want that floral dress from Topshop, all I do is type it in and voila - I'm there. Instead of trailing around asking shop assistants if they have it, to be met with their puzzled stares, after already spending a fiver on parking and developing two blisters from running around in my brand new shoes, I can sit at home, even in bed (more often than not) in my pyjamas, glass of wine at hand, and happily click away at the items I want, stress-free. Not only that, I get the satisfaction of purchasing the item, and then the excitement a few days later when the Parcelforce van pulls up and my beloved dress inevitably arrives. 

I love online shopping so much, I thought I'd put together a little wishlist of just some of the items I'm currently lusting after. I discovered the Freak of Nature dress today and haven't stopped thinking about it since. It's a gorgeous, multi-coloured pastel affair with some cool graphics that scream festival fashion. I think it'll look amazing with a tan and can't wait until pay day so I can order it. I've been after a cute lunchbox for ages now, and this little deer one is exactly what I was looking for. Who needs boring old tupperware when there are these gorgeous babies for sale? It's from Not On The Highstreet, a prime example of why online shopping is so great. ASOS is another firm favourite of mine in the online fashion stakes, and they always have the best sales. This beautiful collar brooch is so gorgeous and reduced to £20. NARS is a beauty brand I wish was more readily available to me, but luckily the NARS website always delivers (along with ASOS and Space NK) and I am seriously excited about the launch of their Autumn palettes in a few days time. It's going to be very hard to only pick one! Finally, I've been on the hunt for a Ted Baker makeup bag for ages and think I might have to bite the bullet and get this one - it's so pretty and my makeup deserves a pretty home! 

Are you a fan of online shopping? Which are your favourite shops to browse online?