Party Rings & Unicorns

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

As summer is well and truly in full swing, my holiday is booked and the inevitable holiday wardrobe has started piling up, I thought I would show you two of my favourite pieces of swimwear of the moment from Missguided. You know me, I'm not one for boring or plain, have a lust for candy colours and an infatuation with unicorns, so naturally when I saw these on the Missguided 'New In' section I fell head over heels. 

Described as swimsuits/bodys, these pieces are brilliant as you can use them as either. I've loved pairing mine with denim skirts and also debuted the party ring one at my local beach when it was scorching a few weeks ago. I felt a million dollars wearing it as these swimsuits are mega flattering and suck everything in. I was worried I'd look like a sack of potatoes wearing these but I actually love how I look in them (despite how big-headed that might sound!) They also have some serious padding going on which is brilliant and definitely helps me feel more confident wearing them! 

At £14.99 and available in tonnes of cool designs (I'm lusting after the icecream one and the donut one has Katy Perry written all over it) I want one of these in every design possible. The party ring design has me written all over it, and as you probably know, I'm obsessed with unicorns so I had to have this one. They will definitely be my staples on holiday as swimwear, as well as over the summer at home with cute skirts and shorts. Love. Them. 

Are you into quirky swimwear? What do you think to Missguided's offering?