Real Techniques-alike Brushes

Friday, 26 July 2013

Ebay Makeup Brushes - £12.99 for the set (+£1.99 postage)

I've been needing to buy some new makeup brushes for a while now, mainly after watching a few too many makeup collection videos and realising my brush collection is just a little bit laughable compared to most. I was also lusting after a contouring brush and basically felt the need to peruse Ebay, of all places, for makeup brushes. Why Ebay, I hear you ask? Well, I'd exhausted my options, basically. Real Techniques brushes are gorgeous but for the amount I wanted just not realistic (too pricey), I'd searched high and low on Amazon for Real Techniques brushes a bit cheaper but no luck, so I opted for Ebay instead. When I stumbled across this set of brushes, it took me about the whole of five seconds to click 'Buy Now'. 

No, they're not by Real Techniques, but after a little look at the description (synthetic hair, check) and seeing just how incredibly similar they look to Real Techniques, I thought why the hell not?! This set of five face brushes cost £12.99, plus £1.99 postage. Now, forgive me if I'm wrong, but I find Real Techniques brushes to be at least a tenner each to buy, so I bit the bullet and bought these, in the hope they would be similar to, if not as good as, the real thing. 

They arrived a few days later (the seller is UK-based, yay!) and although there was no fancy case or anything exciting to write home about, the brushes were individually wrapped and each of them looked a really good quality. When I opened them up and felt just how soft they were, I think I might have gasped a little - these are so so so soft. When it comes to makeup brushes, in my opinion, the softer the better, and these definitely tick that box. I've been using them for a month or so now and I can't quite believe I've been doing my makeup without them for so long - they are really, really good brushes. I'd definitely say they're on par with the Real Techniques brushes I own. My two favourites have to be the angled contouring brush (perfect for contouring, obvs) and the one in the middle, which I use to buff in my foundation. They give you a flawless coverage and I would 100% recommend them. 

I absolutely adore these brushes and I'm SO glad I got them. They're all for using on the face, so for foundation application, blush, bronzer, powder etc., and unfortunately it doesn't look like the seller sells eye brushes at the minute (sob!) although if they did I would be in there like a shot. Ebay can be a bit hit and miss at times, but when you find beauties like this you really can't complain! They're available in pink, gold and blue as well, I opted for blue so I don't mix them up with my Real Techniques ones!