Rituals Laughing Buddha Collection

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Rituals is always a brand I've admired - I've tried a few of their products in the past and been really impressed, and I think for the quality of the products they produce their pricing is really on point too. They recently launched the new Laughing Buddha collection, which is based around a famous monk who brought happiness and fortune wherever he went. The range has taken this legend and expanded on it, creating a collection that aims to uplift and evoke happiness in everyday life. I am all about products that make you feel happy, so this collection is right up my street! 

I was sent a couple of products from the collection; the Mandarin Bliss 24 Hour Anti-Perspirant Stick and the Fortune Scrub. Let me just begin by saying both of these products smell AMAZING - they're so exotic and zesty, and the mandarin scent really comes through and it makes them a total pleasure to use. The Mandarin Bliss Anti-Perspirant Stick smells gorgeous, and is really smoothing and conditioning on the skin. It works amazingly well as an anti-perspirant and definitely keeps sweat under control for hours on end. I have loved using this over the past few weeks as it makes such a nice change from the usual aerosols which are actually meant to be pretty bad for you (or so I'm told), and don't smell anywhere near as nice as this. The Fortune Scrub is another fab product; I love how it works as both a shower cream and a scrub, so that it's nice and gentle on the skin whilst exfoliating away dead skin cells. It leaves my skin feeling and smelling fabulous and it really is lovely to use. 

Both products are infused with organic Mandarin and Yuzu, making them smell amazing and leave my skin feeling utterly pampered. I cannot recommend these products highly enough, and I already have my eye on a few of the other products from the range, the Happy Mist in particular. I also think these products are amazing in terms of price - the Mandarin Bliss is £8 and is going to last me ages, and the Fortune Scrub is £9. 

Have you tried anything from Rituals' Laughing Buddha collection? Let me know what you thought!