Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Birthday Wishlist

1. Raising Unicorns - Urban Outfitters
2. Embellished Owl Bag - Accessorize
3. Makeup Bag - Ted Baker
4. Lipsticks - Lime Crime
5. Purse - ASOS
6. Dress - Topshop

As it's my birthday in exactly a week's time, I decided I'd put together a little birthday wishlist post. A couple of these things I know will be firmly in my grasp come next Tuesday, whilst the others I can only hope I'll be lucky enough to get. I spotted the 'Raising Unicorns' book on Urban Outfitters a couple of weeks ago and instantly fell in love. I'm obsessed with unicorns and infatuated with reading so of course, this present makes perfect sense! I stumbled across Oscar the amaaazing embellished owl bag the other day on Accessorize and actually gasped at the screen when I saw him. He is the most beautiful bag I've ever seen - I've been lusting after an owl bag for ages, and the fact he is embellished beautifully too means he'll be perfect to parade about at winter parties. I was going to sit tight and hope someone would get the hint and get me him, but I've taken matters into my own hands after I saw there were only four left in stock. There are now only three, so if you want him - go get him now! 

I didn't realise until I'd finished putting this wishlist together that I've already included this very same Ted Baker makeup bag in a previous wishlist, but that just goes to show how much I want it. My sisters getting me it thankfully and I can't wait to perch it on my dressing table! Speaking of makeup, I've been lusting after some Lime Crime lippies for absolutely ages now, and I won't rest until Airborne Unicorn and Babette are in my grasp - so pretty! I'm a bit down in the dumps about this beautiful mint purse, as it's actually sold out and doesn't look like ASOS will be getting anymore in. If you've seen one similar, please let me know, I'm heartbroken it won't be mine! Finally, this sweetie tea dress from Topshop is like my dream come true - perfect for summer and winter with the cutest print ever. I NEED it! 

What do you make to my birthday wishlist? Here's hoping I'll have a few of these things this time next week!


  1. That dress is amazing!! In fact each of those items look amazing! Happy Birthday for next week, hope you have a lovely day!

    Scarlett x

  2. I love that makeup bag! I hope you get everything you want!!

    Emily xxx

  3. I love the dress and the makeup bag, fingers crossed you manage to find the purse somewhere, and have a fabulous birthday :)

    Lovely blog, would love you to follow mine back.


    Frankie xXx

  4. River Island do a similar purse, it's dark green rather than mint though. That dress is so cute, I've got my eye on the cami top version! x

  5. great wishlist, the dress looks amazing xxxx

  6. Lovely wishlist. I love the makeup bag :)


    Jamie ♥

  7. I love your bits!! Especially the Ted Baker make up bag. It's gorgeous!!


  8. I hope you get everything on here and that you have a good birthday! a ted baker washag is all I want in life haha xx


  9. That dress is the sweetest (excuse the pun, ha ha) thing, I love the tea dress style it's always super flattering. The best thing is definitely the owl bag though, definitely a conversation starter if you were to wear it! X

  10. All of these products are so nice, I particularly like the lipsticks the shades look so nice and the packaging is amazing too x


  11. I saw that owl bag at accessorize! It's definitely one of those cute must-haves :)

    Style Vancity


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