Everybody Wants to be a Cat

Monday, 12 August 2013

Collar Necklace*: Accessorize 
Bracelets: H & M
Ring*: Cheap Frills
Earrings*: Hey Sailor 
Shoes: Primark

Hi guys! Apologies for the sporadic posting of late, I need to get back into the swing of things! I also really want to get posting regular videos on YouTube but thanks to my camera giving up on me it's not been able to happen. Luckily I invested in a new one over the weekend so hopefully the much-requested everyday makeup routine video will be up soon! 

This weekend was lovely and sunny, ideal for taking outfit pics, so me and my boyfriend headed out to show off my amazing dress from Drop Dead Clothing. I've actually had this dress for a while now but it was hiding in the back of my wardrobe, such a shame as it's so pretty and unique. I'm totally a dog person at heart but you have to admit these cats are pretty damn cute! I love everything on Drop Dead, currently lusting after their donut items! I paired it with my trusty Primark trainers, the H & M bracelets I refuse to take off and a couple of pieces of jewellery I've been sent recently. The skull ring featured a little while ago in a post and I've been wearing both colours constantly over the summer. The little crown earrings are the cutest things ever from Hey Sailor, they remind me a bit of Vivienne Westwood but they're only £3! The collar necklace is absolutely stunning and from the one and only Accessorize. I think it totally completes this outfit! 

I wanted to make my portrait images a bit bigger on here so that I'm less restricted with the photos I take. I always use landscape ones and portrait are so much better for outfit posts, so I hope you like! I hope everyone is having a good week so far!