Favourite Apps

Saturday, 10 August 2013

I've seen a few people post about their favourite apps in the past and I always love discovering new ones so I thought I'd have a run through mine. Now, I'm pretty much never without my iPhone, and I'm actually not quite sure where I'd be without it. It keeps me occupied on train journies, helps me in my 'attempts' to get organised, and obviously helps me keep in the loop with social media and the blogging world. As well as, you know, being able to make calls and send texts and stuff. Ahem. It surprises me so much when people say they don't 'do' the apps thing, or even have a smart phone. Smart phones are such a big thing right now, there are even whole websites devoted to them. When I think back to what mobiles used to be like, with my black and white 5110 in it's battered Tigger case, it really amazes me how far we've come with technology. 

Anyway, I'm a bit addicted to discovering new apps and pride myself on my little organised folders where I store my apps in categories. It's really easy to do, and makes things a lot simpler when it comes to finding the apps you need! I have a LOT of game apps, but the ones I used most are probably more lifestyle/productivity based.

First up - one of my all-time favourite apps, Bloglovin'. I love keeping up to date with the blogs I follow but it can be pretty tricky on my phone, so Bloglovin' is the ideal app for keeping on top of the latest posts. I'm on it constantly and find it really simple to navigate and easy to use. I also think it's fab for discovering new blogs and I've found quite a few through looking on there. Evernote is a fairly recent discovery that I wouldn't be without now. Basically it's the ultimate list/note-keeping app; you get notebooks which you store 'notes' in, to help you keep on top of things. I generally use mine write to do lists, and have several different notebooks to keep things separate; blog, misc, work, life and YouTube. You can tick off things when you've done them too which is pretty satisfying! 

I'm a total foodie so of course I have a section dedicated to food apps on my phone. I'm a big fan of the Domino's app when I'm out and about (I'm not local to a Domino's to get deliveries, wah!) as you can get some really good deals on there, and I also wouldn't be without the Pizza Express app. They always have voucher codes on the go on there and I don't think I've ever been to a Pizza Express without getting a biiiig discount on the food. You just show them the code on your phone and you're sorted! 

Of course, I love Pinterest for inspiration, be it fashion, hair, beauty or interior, and love that they've made it even easier to pin things lately. Like with Tumblr (another fave), I could literally spend forever and a day on there! Despite me being a total food-lover, I'm also trying to lose weight and get healthy so fitness and diet apps have become a big part of my life. My Fitness Pal is a brilliant way of keeping on top of what you're eating, and really makes you realise just how many calories there are in things. I used to write everything down in a book and guess calories but this is so much better as you can simply scan a packet and all the info is there. Definitely the best diet app around! I also adore using Run Keeper; I've been getting really into running over the past few months (see my post here), and this app is great at tracking your speed, where you went on your run and how many calories you burnt/how far you ran. It definitely makes you feel good when you see yourself getting steadily faster. I think you can now sync it to My Fitness Pal as well so that when you go for your run it automatically takes the calories you burnt off. Pretty nifty! 

I can't be without my fashion and beauty apps too - I'm talking River Island, Topshop, ASOS, The Body Shop etc. So much easier than having to use a browser, although they can be pretty dangerous when it comes to spending! I've also been getting into magazines on my iPhone a lot lately too, I'm particularly fond of Pixiwoo's 'Two Magazine', which is free to download each month. Definitely worth checking out if you're a beauty junkie/fan of the girls! 

Phew, so they are pretty much all my favourite apps. I could probably go on about apps for days on end, but I've tried to keep it as short as possible (although it's still really long, oops). Are you obsessed with apps as much as me? Let me know which apps you're loving at the moment, I'm always keen to discover new ones!