Topshop Nail Art Brushes

Thursday, 15 August 2013

If you've been a long-time reader of my blog you'll know I have a bit of a thing for nail art. I find it strangely therapeutic, and love experimenting with new designs and colours. Okay, so sometimes my designs don't work out quite like I'd planned, but that's all part of the learning process I guess! I adore doing floral nails, can't get enough of leopard print and have a penchant for cupcake-themed designs. 

The thing is, until recently it's been pretty hard to get hold of any nail art tools on the highstreet. The majority of my nail art collection comes from the likes of Ebay and Models Own nail art pens, and I wouldn't have the first clue where to begin when it comes to brushes. Recently, however, Topshop launched a range of nail art brushes in a stunning hot pink design (of course), that have changed my nail art world forever. The addition of brushes into my nail art collection has meant I can get so much more creative with my designs, and the brushes in the two sets I was sent are so varied there are a plethora of nail art options to choose from. There's the obligatory dotting tool, perfect for doing polkadot nails, sponges for ombre designs, and lots of brushes of different shapes and sizes to get designing with. 

These two sets are absolutely brilliant if you're a nail art fiend like I am, and they are certainly a welcome addition to my collection. They're not a bad price either I don't think, and will definitely set you up for some serious nail art practice. They've completely reignited my love for nail art and I hope to get back into posting some designs on here very soon! 

Are you a fan of nail art? Do you have a big nail art kit or do you prefer to improvise?