A Tartan Tale

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

1. Tee - Topshop
2. Shorts - River Island
3. Purse - Vivienne Westwood
4. Dungarees - George at Asda
5. Trousers - Boohoo
6. Shoe Boots - Boohoo
7. Dungaree Dress - Freak of Nature

I am so excited for Autumn/Winter fashion, namely because tartan is back in full force. I tweeted a few nights ago how happy I am that tartan is literally everywhere for A/W and I got a lot of retweets, so I'm guessing you guys are big tartan fans too! I decided I'd put together a wishlist post devoted to the tartan trend seeing as I currently can't stop hunting for tartan pieces online. I don't know what it is about tartan - it reminds me of christmas, punk rock, and Gwen Stefani all rolled into one. A brilliant combination, I think you'll agree?

First up on my list, the tartan tee. I think this one from Topshop would look gorgeous paired with some black dungarees, or tucked into a pleather skirt. I've also seen a Glamorous version which is £10 cheaper, and I actually think I prefer it. The shorts are from River Island and are an absolute steal at £16, although I'm slightly concerned about how bum-skimming they may be. I couldn't do a tartan wishlist post without popping some Vivienne Westwood in there, and after stumbling across this purse I don't think I'll rest until I own it. I've never had a designer purse before and I've always wanted one, but never found one I've liked enough to splash out on. This one, however, is everything I love rolled into one - lilacs and pinks, combined with tartan?! What's not to love!?

I've actually just placed an order for the gorgeous dungarees from George at Asda, which are a total bargain at £16. I think these will look amazing with a white shirt underneath, and I cannot wait to get them! The Boohoo trousers are gorgeous and I think the black stripe down the side will make them super slimming, just a shame only size eights are left in stock at the minute! The shoe boots are also by Boohoo, and as much as I love them I'm pretty sure I'd never stand a chance of wearing them, as I'm a nightmare in high heels! Finally, this pinafore/dungaree dress from Freak of Nature is the epitome of punk rock cool, and I'm really pleased to see that dungaree dresses are seeing their way through to autumn. Love! 

Are you a fan of the tartan trend or is it a no-no for you? Let me know!