An Introduction to Illamasqua

Monday, 30 September 2013

Illamasqua is a brand that I've always admired from afar. I adore their concept, have swooned over their new releases countless times, and think their imagery is simply stunning. However, I've never really delved into the world of Illamasqua before. I own a lipstick I bought in a sale online, as well as a couple of bits and pieces I picked up whilst interning, but I've never really invested in the brand before. This is probably because there are literally no counters near me and I really like to touch and feel makeup before making a purchase.

However, at the beginning of the month Company magazine hosted their Beauty Week, with events all over the country celebrating beauty. An event that particularly caught my eye was the Illamasqua Makeup Masterclass in Leeds, and I promptly ordered me and my sister some tickets. The event was limited but completely free and so when the day came we jumped in the car, travelled an hour and a bit down the road and we were in the glorious Leeds.

I love Leeds as a city, and we had a fab time looking in the shops before we made our way to the Illamasqua store. We sat and watched whilst the lovely Lina worked her magic, transforming one of the other girls with the wonders of Illamasqua makeup. It was amazing for getting to know the brand and we could pass round the product and really get a feel for what they were like. Lina created the most amazing smokey eye that had everyone in a spin, as well as showing us how to apply lashes, contour and highlight, leaving us with a gorgeous finished look. We then spent the rest of the time poring over the products, and I think everyone at the event went away having purchased something. There were literally so many things I could have bought but I restrained myself and opted for two things; a Pure Pigment in Ore, and the product Lina used to highlight with, the Skin Base Lift Concealer in White Light. We also received a goodie bag full to the brim with bits and pieces from Company, along with two products from Illamasqua. Said products were a gorgeous shimmery polish called Pink Raindrops, and an amazing in-you-face red lippy called Liable.

Whilst I'm still testing out the products, so far I am really impressed. The pigment in Ore is by far my favourite; it is SO pigmented and shimmery, looks amazing on the lids and is just a stunning product to use. I'm still getting to grips with White Light - I'm not a pro when it comes to contouring and I find my foundation is really high coverage which tends to mean I have to apply the highlight on top, and then blend in. It definitely makes a difference though and I'm sure with practice I'll get the hang of it. I'm yet to try the nail polish or the lippy but I can definitely see me wearing the lipstick a lot over A/W!

I had an amazing time at the Illamasqua Masterclass and I would definitely recommend it. I feel like I've had a proper introduction to the brand and I'm really impressed with the products I got. I can see this definitely being the beginning of a beautiful love affair!