Holiday Essentials

Friday, 27 September 2013

Today I'm travelling to the airport ready for my flight tomorrow morning, as I'll be going away for a week in the sunshine with my boyfriend. I am so excited about going away - I literally haven't been on a proper sunshine holiday in years so it's long overdue. 

I've been meaning to put a few posts together leading up to going away, but things have been ridiculously manic lately that I haven't had a chance. Having said that, I put aside some time at the weekend to sort through some of the 'essentials' I'll be taking on holiday with me and I thought I would talk you through them all. I find holiday packing ridiculously stressful, and pretty much always feel like I've forgotten something. I tend to over-pack when it comes to outfits and beauty products so I've attempted to keep things minimal this holiday. 

In terms of skincare, I'll obviously be taking all the usual essentials, including sun cream and after sun. Whilst I find these products a bit of a boring one to talk about (although very important), I actually got quite excited when I purchased Hawaiian Tropic's Silk Hydration Sun Lotion. Whilst I have oily skin on my face, my body can get pretty dry so this sounds like the perfect sun cream for me. It has 'hydrating ribbons' throughout to keep my skin nice and nourished as well as protecting it from the sun's harsh rays. I got it in SPF 30 as that's pretty much what I always wear on holiday. 

Speaking of moisturisation, I also popped in Amie's Skin Shield* in SPF 15 to pop on in the morning before my sunscreen, just to give my skin a little added protection. I love all of Amie's products and this one is nice and light on my skin whilst 'shielding' it from the sun. It also protects your skin from premature ageing, which is something I am always concerned about! To keep the rest of my skin nicely moisturised I'll also be taking Elemis' Tan Accelerator, which is basically a glorified moisturiser, that's meant to prep your skin for the sun. You're actually meant to use it two weeks before going away and whilst you're out there, but me being me have left things to the last minute so I'll just be taking it out there with me to keep my skin topped up with moisture. 

Before going away I always like to apply a bit of fake tan so I'm not looking ghostly white on the beach, and this means I need to take a decent exfoliator with me. I'm loving St Moriz's Exfoliating Body Scrub* at the minute and have dispensed some into a little tub to take with me, as I have the 100ml version. Finally for skin, instead of using a liquid sun screen on my face, I'm going to be using Jane Iredale's SPF 30 Powder Sun Screen to save my skin from getting even oilier on holiday. I'm really hoping this will work some wonders as I absolutely hate using sun cream on my face - fingers crossed this does the trick! 

In terms of hair, I like to keep it fairly simple on holiday. I've got a trusty little pack of mini Label M products*, complete with shampoo, conditioner, hair spray and blow out spray with UV protection, meaning I have pretty much all I need to keep my hair looking good whilst I'm away. Of course, I'll be taking a stack load of hair bands and bobby pins with me to restyle my hair, and of course I couldn't be without my Moroccanoil*, which I'll be taking in this cute little bottle to keep my hair nice and nourished. I've debated taking some salt spray with me but I figure there isn't much point as I'll be in the sea getting the natural salt anyway! 

What are your hair and skincare essentials when you go away? Let me know!