Friday, 13 September 2013

Home Sweet Home: A Wishlist

1: Owl Rug - Ikea
2. Pillowcase - H & M
3. Storage Boxes - H & M
4. Calendar Blocks - Dunelm Mill
5. Wall Art Swallows - John Lewis 
6. Alex Storage - Ikea 
7. Console Table - John Lewis 

I don't know about you, but I'm forever dreaming up things about my ideal home. Literally, I think about this constantly. Especially when I go to bed - I always envisage my dream life; the dream job, the dream boyfriend (I already have him, awww *vom*), the dream body (I wish), but the thing that excites me the most about it all is the dream home. I adore interiors; I could spend forever and a day in Ikea, spent countless hours swooning over inspiration on Pinterest and have spent a great deal of money on making my room as pretty as can be. If you saw my 'There's No Place Like Home' post, you'll see I really love my room and I'm really proud of what it looks like. I just cannot wait to have a whole HOUSE (or flat, depends) to decorate and fill with beautiful shabby chic bits and bobs.

To profess my love for interiors further, I thought I'd start doing a few interior-based wishlist posts, because I love getting inspiration from others, and I feel a bit better actually making something from all the constant browsing I do of furniture and knick knack shops online. So, here's what I came up with today. I know, my taste probably isn't everyone's cup of tea, but I absolutely adore it. I spied this funky rug on Ikea and it immediately went straight on my endless wishlist - how cool would this look on a white floor with a quirky patterned sofa sitting somewhere near it? It's only £35 too, which is an absolute bargain in my eyes. Ikea, I salute you. Next up, meet my love for all things H & M home. As soon as H & M decided to add a home section I decided the entirety of my future home would be filled with the stuff. They get it right every time and this cute little pillowcase is no exception. I know it's probably for a baby's room, but whatever, I'm in love with it and I think the cute birds on it are seriously Disney. 

Again, I picked another H & M Disney-esque item in the form of these amazing story book storage boxes. These sold out a bit ago and I was distraught, so I'm so happy they're back in! I also can't fault Dunelm Mill when it comes to home bits and bobs, quite a lot of my bedroom is made up of Dunelm's trusty pieces, and I really love this block calendar thingy-ma-bob (like, do these things actually have a name?!) The pretty swallow wall art is something I definitely want in my future house - this one's from John Lewis and I think it's the perfect way to jazz up a plain wall. Okay, so I couldn't resist putting the infamous Alex drawers on here - I know every blogger and their boyfriend has them, but I thought I'd pop them up because they really are probably the best makeup storage I've seen. I'm still not 100% sold on them though - if you have them, let me know your thoughts! And finally, a popped this pretty console table in from John Lewis. I've become a little bit obsessed with tables and their little selection is faultless. I can just see me popping some flowers on here, and sitting with my white iPad mini (buy me one, please), Pinteresting away. Ahh, if only! 

Are you as obsessed with interiors as me? Let me know if I'm not the only one who fantasizes about their future home on a regular basis! 



  1. I am in love with everything on this wish list! You have such lovely home style if that makes sense! I especially like the wall art swallows !

    Holly xxx

  2. I'm getting that Alex drawer later on tonight as i'm taking a trip to Ikea, but mine is a part of a desk.. but this could sway me to buy the 9 drawer Alex at a later stage xx

  3. Lovely list. I really want a calendar block but I know I would never change it! And it would confuse me every time I looked at it haha.

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

  4. We have the same taste when it comes to our dream houses, your bedroom is how I would have mine if it wasn't for the unfortunate fact I share with a sister who is the polar opposite to me when it comes to decorating!
    I really like the calendar block... I have a really adorable one with a different bear for each month in storage but I could never be bothered to change it each day!

    Lauren |

  5. I am also constantly dreaming about my dream home and can't wait to get my own place with the bf and decorate it! Your taste is lovely! Just went to you no place like home post and I love love love your dressing table and general decor. Your not the only one who fantasises about their dream home don't worry :)


  6. Such a pretty wishlist just love everything featured :) x

  7. I can't find the story book storage boxes anywhere :( wanted them for ages :( x


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