My First Kipling Bag

Thursday, 19 September 2013

I don't know about you, but I'm definitely a bag person, and one of the bag brands I have always been fond of has got to be Kipling. Ever since I was a little girl I always cooed and sighed over these pretty bags, desperately wanting to get my hands on one. I remember my big sister having a black backpack-type Kipling bag, and I always thought she was so cool with it, and the cute furry gorilla that dangled off. I was insanely jealous of 'the' bag and even saved up my pocket money so I could buy myself the little furry gorilla keyring, to give me a taste of the Kipling magic (I still have said keyring). 

So, when I was approached by Bagable to see if I wanted to review a Kipling bag, I jumped at the chance. They've always been on my 'to buy' list, but being a perfectionist I could honestly spend hours debating over which one I wanted. So, when I was approached I forced myself into a decision and received the beautiful Fairfax bag in lilac. 

In short; I love it. It is amazing quality, a beautiful colour, and despite looking on the small side, it actually fits a heck of a lot in. There are dozens of different compartments in this bag, which is great if you like to pretend to be organised like me. There are so many different pockets on this bag I've actually lost track, but I think it makes a brilliant every day bag. I'm also really impressed with the prices on Bagable - I hadn't previously heard of it but it is ideal if you're looking for a Kipling bag but aren't so keen on paying full whack. I'm in love with my Kipling and hope to add many more to my collection - I'm still lusting after the backpack my sister had! 

Are you a fan of Kipling bags? Let me know what you think!