Nails Inc. Beaded Polish Review

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Nails Inc. Beaded Polish in Covent Garden* and Hampstead*

You know me, I love a new nail polish release as much as the next beauty blogger, and the launch of Nails Inc.'s Beaded Polish has got me seriously excited. I love the sudden influx of nail polish 'effects' releases of late; nail art is my favourite and finding simpler ways to achieve unusual designs always makes me happy.  I was sent these two shades from Nails Inc. to review a few weeks ago and so I thought I'd give you the low-down on what I think to them! 

I was kindly sent the shades Covent Garden and Hampstead from the new Beaded Polish range by Nails Inc. Covent Garden is a stunning pale mint green with some silver sparkles running through it, which is definitely my favourite of the two. Hampstead is a fiery red with copper sparkles running through it. The beaded polish effect achieved with these is really unusual, and definitely not like anything I've seen from any other nail polish brands before. They're a mixture of little tiny beads, small sequins and bigger sequins, all kept together with nail polish. The texture of these is really, really rough, so if you're a fan of smooth nails these definitely aren't for you. I think I applied three coats of Covent Garden and only two of Hampstead, and actually think I was better off just doing two, as I found Covent Garden chipped rather easily due to how thick it sat on my nails. Hampstead stayed a lot better, so I'd recommend only doing two coats of these polishes. 

I really love the thick glittery texture these nails give, and I think they're ideal for the upcoming party season. Covent Garden reminds me so much of Tinkerbell due to its gorgeous colour combination, whilst Hampstead makes me think of dragon scales and fire - pretty! Whilst Hampstead wouldn't be my usual nail polish colour of choice, I do think its rusty tones are perfect for autumn. 

These polishes are great and I'd definitely recommend them, although if you're not a fan of textured polishes these definitely aren't for you. Have you tried Nails Inc's new Beaded Polishes? What did you think?