Out There Interiors Pretty Storage

Monday, 16 September 2013

I know, I know, TWO interior posts in a row?! I'm having a bit of an interior-inspired few days and thought I'd celebrate that by showing you my current favourite new addition to my bedroom. I was sent this stunning set of three vintage-style vanity boxes a little while ago and they've been the perfect addition to my room ever since. 

I tend to struggle finding storage solutions that aren't ridiculously boring, ugly-looking or plastic, so I think these floral vanity boxes from Out There Interiors are the perfect alternative for housing my favourite bits and bobs. I remember growing up always relying on those god-awful bright plastic drawer things to keep my endless selection of knick knacks in, so pretty pieces like these make a welcome change. For £49 you get one cute little box, a medium-sized box and a large box, all of which fit neatly inside one another like Russian dolls. You can stack them on top of eachother for that tiered cake look, separate them in different spots around the room or keep them huddled together in a corner of your space. 

Since getting these, I've successfully ridden my room from the previous clutter of jewellery, hair pieces and beauty bits. The small box keeps all of my necklaces and jewellery bits and bobs safe, the medium box is ideal for housing my nail polishes, and the big box is the perfect space for hair garlands and other pretties. I love them and have since become a bit obsessed with looking on Out There Interiors' website; these vintage-style suitcases need to be mine, as does this beautiful duck egg blue desk - the desk that dreams are made of.

What do you use for storage your favourite beauty/jewellery bits and pieces? I'd love to know!