Shoes, Glorious Shoes

Monday, 9 September 2013

1. Blue Velvet Boots - Missguided
2. Geek Shoes - Topshop
3. V Bar Pumps - New Look
4. Bright Blue Loafers - River Island
5. Lace Embellished Flats - Miss Selfridge 
6. Tassel Heels - New Look
7. Cut-Out Boots - Boohoo

So, when it gets towards September time, and autumn slowly starts to come underway, I always start obsessing over shoes. I'm not sure if it's because September reminds me of back to school, and of course, back to school shoes (Clarks with the cute little keys in - remember those?!) but the prospect of wrapping up in thick layers, pulling on fluffy socks and new boots gets me so excited. I've never been big on sandals, and I find proper shoes so much more practical, easy-to-wear and, just, well, prettier. So when this time of year comes around I am straight on Evernote compiling a list of shoes I just need for this season. I have already got my hands on these babies, which I'm head over heels for, but I thought I'd put together a list of all the other shoes I'm currently lusting after.

The sapphire velvet boots from Missguided probably won't go with a single thing in my wardrobe but they're so pretty I can't help but want them. I really hope they bring out a maroon pair as I don't think I will be able to resist pairing them with some tartan and thick black tights. I've been after the Topshop geek shoes forever now, but despite the website claiming they are 100% rubber, when I saw them in store they had a leather lining - not on Topshop! Topshop seem to always do this with shoes and it makes me mad. Anyway... moving on, I've seen some absolute gems on the New Look website for pretty shoes, they seem to have come up trumps in the shoe department this year. These V-Bar flats are so classic-looking and really cheap too. Okay, so the bright blue loafers are a tad 'out there', and probably won't go with anything I own, but something about them has me drawn to them. They're definitely a statement piece! 

The lace flats from Miss Selfridge are totally impractical but a stunning alternative to wearing heels with a party dress. I really want to order them but they've only got size 8's left, which is good for my bank balance, that's for sure! Another pair from New Look, these heels are like my dream 'sophisticated' heels with the cute tassel, but I fear they'll be way too high for me to walk in. Sigh. The final pair of boots from Boohoo, however, are spot-on and I can definitely see them being a hit over the winter. They remind me of the Topshop version I've seen a few bloggers wearing but at a fraction of the price! 

Are you obsessing over shoes this season? Let me know what you think to my selection!