What I Got for My Birthday

Monday, 2 September 2013

Last Tuesday it was my 23rd birthday, and whilst the prospect of getting older scares me tremendously, the presents I received most definitely made up for it. I thought I would put together a little post with the majority of bits and bobs I got in it, as well as doing a video - which you can find here. I had a lovely birthday, involving a week-long celebration of BBQs, meals out, trips to Alton Towers and lots of cake eating!

I'd been compiling a birthday list weeks before the big day so I knew exactly what I wanted, and I'm pleased to say I got pretty much everything on there. I've been lusting after a Ted Baker makeup bag for a ridiculously long time, and the tea party print on this one is so cute, I couldn't resist. It's actually the wash bag size which is a soul-destroying £29 but I think it's worth it to be honest! I'm yet to fill it with my makeup products but will be doing asap - anyone else love doing things like that? Speaking of which, one thing that is going to be pride of place in my makeup bag has got to be the amazing Lime Crime lippy I received from my sister. I've wanted a Lime Crime lipstick forever and when I saw the shade 'Babette' I had to have it. I'm going to be doing a proper review of it soon but I'm wearing it in my YouTube video if you want to check that out in the link above!

One of my favourite presents of them all, I've been desperate for the infamous Zara City bag for so long now, but just couldn't justify the price when I already have SO many bags. However, I do have a shortage of black bags and the size and practicality of this one meant that it just had to be top of my birthday list. My lovely boyfriend got me it and I've been enjoying showing everyone it's many compartments, with lots of space for notebooks, Kindles, tablets and even a laptop!

Speaking of bags, I hadn't planned on asking for another bag but Oscar the Owl was just too cute to resist. He featured in my birthday wishlist post and has since sold out (I can totally see why) but is now back in stock! I can't wait to wear him throughout the party season - the detailing on him is sublime! He's seriously sparkly and beautifully embellished, with a very vintage feel to him I think. Speaking of sparkles, I also received a lovely 'Bling Tin' off my friend Louise, complete with a pair of beautiful heart-shaped earrings to sit inside it. As you probably know, I am a huge jewellery fiend and so I need all the jewellery storage I can get! Finally, I got some cute little Soap and Glory which will be ideal for taking away on holiday. I'm a big fan of Soap and Glory so love getting it as a present!

I'm so happy with everything I got and couldn't resist showing you guys. I love reading birthday/Christmas present posts so I hope you like this one! I also got a BEAUTIFUL dress from my mum and dad but I'm going to wait and showcase that in an outfit post, but you can have a sneak peek of it in my YouTube video :)