Girly Pamper Night

Thursday, 10 October 2013

I posted about my Sunday night pamper sessions a little while ago so I thought I would do a bit of an update on the products (and treats!) I'm loving at the moment when I'm in the need for a pamper. I don't think there is anything better than a night in - getting lots of snacks, movies and magazines together, along with a plethora of pampering products and scented candles to while away the evening with. As much as I like going out with my friends, I don't think you can beat a bit of alone time, soaking up the suds in the bath and following it up with a head-to-toe pamper, whilst readying your favourite magazine and chomping on some chocolate. Bliss! I'm not the only one who thinks so either, with 70% of us girls saying we'd prefer a night in than a night on the town, according to a survey put together by Ladbrokes Bingo. 

I've taken to having pamper sessions a couple of times a week now, as I really don't think there is anything better. I'll have a long bath or shower, using my current favourite shower gel, the 'I love... Strawberries and Cream' which was on offer in Superdrug when I got it and I seriously can't get enough. I love buying great big shower gels as I can be a bit over-zealous with my shower gel usage so the bigger the bottle, the better in my opinion. This smells amazing and is a total treat to use. Whilst in the shower I'll use a hair mask to condition and nourish my dry hair - this Macademia Oil* one from Primark is really lovely and leaves my hair feeling amazing. Once out, I'll light a candle, pop a face mask on - I'm currently loving Avon's Blackhead Clearing Treatment Mask* (seriously good for blasting away blackheads!) - and paint my nails. Gosh's Glitter Matte Finish Polish* is my current go-to nail polish of choice - it leaves your nails looking seriously sparkly and gorgeous. Then I'll slap on some moisturiser and follow it with  my favourite fake tan, Cocoa Brown* (which is now available in Primark - yay!)

The thing I love most about pamper nights is when everything is done and I can happily sit back and relax, unwind with a book, a film or a magazine and enjoy some treats. I've fallen off the diet wagon a bit lately and couldn't resist getting these new Cadbury Pebbles ('Joy for All', heh, more like 'All for Me'). They're basically Cadbury's version of Minstrels and they're really addictive! I also have to read my favourite magazine, Company, on a pamper night. This issue was out today and I actually get a sneaky mention in the front of it from something I tweeted about for Company Beauty Week, woo go me! 

Then I'll top my night off by climbing into bed with my favourite snuggling pyjamas, fresh sheets and a good book. I really don't think life gets much better than that! 

Are you a fan of pampering nights in, or do you prefer going out? Let me know! 

*This post is a collaboration*