Graze Box Review

Friday, 4 October 2013

I remember briefly reviewing a Graze box years and years ago when I first began blogging, which I can't for the life of me find trailing back through my blog posts, however a recent surge of vouchers and offers has meant that I decided to re-try Graze once more. I've been attempting to eat a lot healthier recently, and as I work from home it means that it can be very tempting to nibble away on "naughty" foods, instead of reaching for something healthy. Whilst I'm more than partial to a Time Out or three, I'm trying to get healthy and so investing in a Graze box subscription seemed like the wise thing to do (especially as the first box was free!)

If you're not familiar with Graze, it's basically a subscription service where they send a box filled with healthy (but yummy) goodies on either a weekly or fornightly basis. You can scroll through the website and tell them which things you'd like them to send soon, things you'd rather they never sent and things you're willing to try, which I think is great if you're a fussy eater like me! You can cancel the subscription at any time, as well as 'pausing' it if you're off on holiday etc. It's £3.89 a box which I don't think is too bad, as that's including delivery too, and you can unsubscribe at any time.

In the free box I received a few weeks ago I got some 'Slightly Sweet' Popcorn, The 'Graze Brownie', White Choc & Raspberry Cheesecake and Pomodoro Rustichella. I think I'd asked Graze to send the majority of these things soon, hence them coming in my first box. I absolutely loved this box. The popcorn was yummy, and whilst I wasn't too keen on the cranberries and hazelnuts in the cheesecake box I happily ate the white chocolate and raspberries. The brownie was incredible whilst being guilt-free as it's the 'better-for-you brownie', and I ADORED the Pomodoro Rustichella - it was like pizza, again, without the guilt.

I was really impressed with the box I got and I'd definitely recommend Graze to everyone, particularly if you're prone to snacking throughout the day. If you can afford the £3.89 a week I'd definitely go for it, but as I'm strapped for cash at the minute I think I'll probably cancel, as I can't really commit to doing it every week (or every two weeks), but I think getting a box every once in a while is nice.

Have you tried Graze? At the minute you can get your first box absolutely free :)