Monday, 28 October 2013

Nazila Love Glamour Nail Glitz Review

If you know me, you'll know I'm obsessed with nail art. Even at school I would go all-out and paint my nails to match my outfit every single day, which is probably where my love for all things nail-related began. I've featured a few of my nail art creations on here before but I'd really love to feature them a bit more often, as nail art is something I absolutely LOVE doing.

Sometimes, however, the effort of creating nail art can be a little bit daunting, so I'm always looking for ways to jazz up my nails without having to go through all the effort of picking different colours, concentrating on the design and sealing it all with a top coat. I've always wanted to have uber bling nails, covered in gems and diamantes, but doing it myself would take up a lot of time and I'm not too sure how good it would look!

So, when I stumbled across Nazila Love Glamour's Nail Glitz, I fell head over heels. Their Nail Glitz are basically seriously blinged-up false nails, which are available in a tonne of different designs. There are some absolutely stunning kits on the site and I honestly want them all, but I was lucky enough to be sent three of them to try. What I love about these false nails is that they come in a kit complete with nails of tonnes of different sizes, which is so refreshing to see. I've tried nail kits in the past that have been way too small, and as I have quite big hands this is always a bit of an issue. I was delighted to see that Nazila have catered for all nail sizes here so there are different ways of combining the different nail designs to create something that fits for you.

Another thing I love about these nails is that you don't actually need nail glue to apply them - instead they come with a load of double-sided stickers which are seriously sticky and brilliant at keeping your nails in place. I did have a few mishaps with them, I will admit, as they definitely aren't as strong as nail glue, but they are no where near as messy to apply. I always get in a bit of a mess with nail glue, usually ending up with it all over my hands, so I think these stickers are a brilliant idea, and so quick and easy to use too.

The three sets I was sent to review were Chic; a gorgeous nude diamante design, Barbie; the most amazing bright pink/gold design with some seriously incredible embellishments, and Gothic; a super sexy black and silver design with diamantes and studs, which would be ideal for A/W. I love all the designs but have to say Barbie is my favourite - it's just super girly and the added embellishments are amazing.

After trying out these false nails several times I have to say, I'm pretty impressed. They are all completely stunning to look at and look incredible once on. I will say, however, that they are all veeeeery long and so if you're not used to wearing long falsies these probably won't be for you. They do make it quite hard to do anything (for example, typing is nowhere near as easy, as is taking labels off things etc.), but I think they'd be perfect for a night out or a party where you won't be doing much other than holding a drink and dancing. I was a tad disappointed with the embellishments on the Barbie set - they're quite big and so a couple of them fell off the nails before I'd even applied them, which was annoying, but nothing a bit of nail glue didn't fix. 

These nails are super fun and are most certainly a talking point - if you're into your nail art or like going all-out for a night out or party, then I'd definitely recommend trying these nails. They're a tad pricey, at around £15-£20 a pop, but you do get a lot of nails and like I said, the designs are stunning and they are reusable. I'd definitely use them again and I already have my eye on this design, which I might have to treat myself to for the coming party season!

Have you heard of Nazila Love Glamour before? Let me know what you think to their designs! 



  1. Oooh wowie! They look incredible though they are nothing for me personally :)
    Lovely review though, I've never heard of Nazila before!

    ♡ Valérie

  2. Ooh I adore these. I love a bit of nail art but I just hate doing it so I'm always opting for stick ons. I will have to try these out, Chic is gorgeous but I do have a soft spot for Barbie! Lovely review :)

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

  3. These are so pretty but you're right, they are kinda long and I can't imagine trying to work in these all day!

  4. These look fun! Don't know how I would do anything wearing those though!

  5. I love the "Chic" ones. They're all so long though!

  6. Give me all the nails. Each design looks stunning but I really like the Gothic ones, they would be perfect for a night out.. I am not sure how I would cope on an everyday basis with these beauties, especially at work. I really like that they include a lot of different size's in the packs, nothing like a dodgy fake nail.

    Barbie Sparkles | UK Beauty Blog

  7. I absolutely love the Barbie ones ! Xoxo

  8. Oh WOW, I love the Barbie ones xx


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