Turkey Holiday Snaps

Sunday, 27 October 2013

I've finally managed to sort through my pictures from my holiday to Turkey last month, so I thought I would share some snaps with you. It feels like absolutely ages ago we made the trip to such a gorgeous part of the world, and it feels a bit surreal looking back at it now! I'd never been to Turkey before but I had an amazing time and would absolutely go back. We spent our holiday keeping very busy - not much sunbathing was done at all to be honest, as our hotel came with all-inclusive sports and activities so there was always something to do! 

We would spend our days windsurfing, snorkelling, water-skiing (which I couldn't master at all but Tom was a total pro at), kayaking and everything in-between, and it was so nice to have the option to spend our days doing whatever we fancied. We also took a day trip and did scuba diving for the first time ever which was absolutely incredible. Scuba diving is something I've always wanted to do and I enjoyed every second. I think I've got the diving bug now as I'm already dreaming about diving the Grear Barrier Reef and taking a trip back to the Red Sea (I went there a few years ago and did a lot of snorkelling - the fish were amazing). 

I hadn't been on holiday in such a long time and as our hotel was on its very own island in a national park, it was pretty damn amazing to say the least. Having dinner by the sea is definitely something I've really missed! 

Did you go away over the summer? I'd love to hear where you went! I feel like now summer and my holiday is over I can finally start looking forward to winter and everything it brings with it. Christmas is definitely something I'm pretty excited about!