Victoria's Secret Duty-Free Treats

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Lately I've been having a bit of an obsession with Victoria's Secret. I've always been head over heels for the brand, but I've only really had the chance to admire from afar until recently, when it launched in the UK. Candice Swanepole is my favourite model and ultimate girl-crush, and makes my love for the brand even stronger. Whilst I've never been lucky enough to purchase any underwear or nightwear from Victoria's Secret, my hope is to one day have my wardrobe decked out in it, of course with a Victoria's Secret model body to match (ahem, dream on Hannah...) If you saw my post here you'll see that I'd already invested in one of their fragrance mists, but I cannot walk by a Victoria's Secret store without going in and buying something. 

I went on holiday to Turkey last month and upon coming home I was gobsmacked to see there was a Victoria's Secret sitting there waiting for me at Dalaman's Duty Free. I got really excited and slightly overwhelmed (all the different currencies confused me if I'm perfectly honest), and could probably have walked out with a lot more, but I settled for a pretty makeup bag and a giftset. I thought I would share them with you as they're just too pretty not to show off! 

First up, I've always wanted a Victoria's Secret makeup bag and this one immediately caught my attention. It's a really good size, is amazing quality, has the signature pink striping lining and of course, is glittery and covered in love hearts. I'm a bit scared to put any makeup in it as I don't want to mess it up but it's too pretty not to use! I picked up the 'Love Spell' trio giftset after umming and ahhing over purchasing another fragrance mist. It worked out pretty well to opt for the giftset instead and so I couldn't resist getting it. Love Spell is a really pretty peachy smell and the gift comes complete with the fragrance mist, body lotion and shower gel. I'm not too keen on the toiletry bag they came in but it's an added bonus I guess! 

Are you a fan of Victoria's Secret beauty products? Let me know what you think to what I got!