Alexa Chung - 'It' Review

Sunday, 17 November 2013

I'd been eyeing up the new book by Alexa Chung for quite a while, when I was lucky enough to win one thanks to the amazing #AccessAllASOS. Not only did I win the book itself, but a signed copy nonetheless! As you can imagine, I was pretty excited to get my paws on the book, especially considering so many blogs have been swooning over it lately. 

I am a massive reader and self-proclaimed bookworm, so when a new book hits the shelves and there's a lot of hype surrounding it, I always want in on the action. I'd seen Alexa's 'It' on a few blogs and after taking a peek inside, was really excited to get stuck into the world of Alexa. 

Whilst the book isn't a story of any kind (much to my disappointment, I love a bit of fiction!), it is a personal collection of anecdotes, style advice and life advice in general, all alongside various photographs and sketches, presumably by Alexa herself. The book is funny, honest and interesting, and is definitely a must-have for Alexa fans. I've always admired Alexa after seeing her rise to fame after presenting T4, and so this book is a refreshing look at her style, taste in music, and girl crushes all rolled into one. Whilst I found some pages in a book a tad dull to read, there were a few insightful moments, in particular when Alexa discusses heartbreak. It was lovely to see a different side to Alexa than the cooler-than-cool, tomboyish style icon we all know and love.

Overall I really enjoyed reading this book, and getting an insight into the world of Alexa Chung. I think it makes the perfect coffee table read, and whilst I doubt it'll be winning awards any time soon, it's definitely a must if you're a fan of Alexa.

Have you read 'It'? What did you think?