Balance Me Super Moisturising Body Oil Review

Thursday, 28 November 2013

At this time of year my skin becomes even more of a nightmare than usual. Normally, I suffer with dry skin on and off thanks to a love for fake tanning and a loathe for moisturising, but when winter comes along things get a whole lot worse. I'll admit, I'm extremely lazy when it comes to moisturising and nourishing my skin, and that extra five minutes in bed means a lot more to me than standing around waiting for my moisturiser to dry. 

During the winter months my skin often becomes dry, sore and flaky, thanks to the horrendously cold weather. However, I was recently sent a gorgeous product from Balance Me that has completely transformed my skin and made a huge difference to my previously non-existent moisturising regime. Balance Me's Super Moisturising Body Oil is literally the perfect product for busy/lazy girls who want to keep their skin moisturised but without the fuss of faffing around with a cream. The fact this product is an oil means I can whip it on once I'm out of the shower and I'm done, with no tacky 'is it dry yet!?' feeling. It smells gorgeous, is 100% natural and makes my skin feel super soft and dreamy. 

Another great plus to this product is that it is so incredibly nourishing, it even helps get rid of the appearance of stretchmarks and scar tissue. Now, like the majority of women in the world, I have stretch marks that I feel self-conscious about, so using this daily makes me feel like I am doing something to help improve them, which is always nice. It's also a more than welcome alternative to my usual stretch mark zapper, Palmer's Cocoa Butter, as this doesn't leave my skin feeling sticky and tacky like that usually does. Whilst I haven't seen a huge difference yet, there has definitely been some improvement so I'll be sticking to using this on a regular basis.

Have you tried Balance Me's Super Moisturising Body Oil?