Bargain Glittery Candy Sprinkles Nail Polish

Thursday, 7 November 2013

First of all, apologies for the sporadic blogging recently - I've been really poorly will a horrific cold which I'm only just getting rid of, but I promise I will be back to blogging in full-force from now on! 

I've been wearing this new polish constantly recently, and receiving a whole lotta' comments on it, so I felt it was about time I blogged about the beauty. Another bargainous find of mine, this polish is actually by L.A. Colors as part of their 'Color Craze' range and can be found in your average bargain shop/Boyes/Home Bargains. It'll only set you back a £1 so you really can't grumble with that, and it's an amazing 'Candy Sprinkles' splash of lilac, mixed with glitter and confetti-esque pieces. 

I absolutely love this polish, particularly because the above look took a mere one coat to achieve. I know, amazing. This polish is definitely a talking point and I completely adore it - the only thing I would say is that you NEED to use a top coat with this, as it does chip horrendously. That's my only gripe with it, but for a quid you can't really complain! 

Have you tried L.A. Colors polishes before? What do you think to the look of this?