Sunday, 10 November 2013

Max Factor Whipped Creme Foundation Review

When it comes to foundation, I tend to stick with what I know. I'm a self-confessed lover of full-coverage foundations, and having tried many in the past, I always stick with my Holy Grail beloved Estee Lauder Double Wear, occasionally dabbling in a bit of Armani or Revlon, but generally sticking with what I like best. However, when a new foundation launches, I can't help but be a bit intrigued to see how it matches up to my favourites. 

I was recently sent Max Factor's new Whipped Creme Foundation to try, and after being a tad dubious about it (I had visions of Maybelline's Dream Matte Mousse, which I never found to be very dreamy at all - ick!) I gave it a go. I have to say, I am extremely impressed with this foundation - it has gone above and beyond my expectations. I honestly thought it would leave my skin looking patchy, wouldn't last at all and definitely wouldn't cover as much as I like, but I've been blown away by just how good it is. 

For just under a tenner, you get a foundation that honestly seems like it is worth a great deal more. This foundation feels beautiful on the skin and is totally gorgeous to apply, blending into the skin perfectly. I'm also really, really impressed with the coverage. I didn't think it would give me much coverage at all but I'd definitely say this is a medium-high coverage foundation, that is buildable. It doesn't look cakey on my skin but the beautiful demi-matte finish it gives leaves my skin looking luminous yet matte - something I have always wanted in a foundation. It lasts really well on the skin, and whilst it does transfer a bit for the price you really can't complain. 

Whilst this foundation won't be replacing Double Wear as my all-time favourite, it is definitely right up there near the top. I absolutely love it and completely recommend it to anyone looking for a matte, medium-high coverage foundation under the £10 mark.

Have you tried Maybelline's Whipped Creme Foundation? What do you think to it?


  1. this looks great, i love maxfactor foundations but haven't tried this one.
    abi from a little dust

  2. Looks great, I'm looking for some new foundations to try so might pick this up :) x

  3. It had me thinking of the dream matte mousse too - can't believe I actually used what... two packets of that?? haha this looks lovely on you :) Xx

    thriftyskies | beauty and trends ♡

  4. I've seen a couple of girls use this in YT tutorials and was going to look for some other reviews - it looks lovely on you! xx

  5. this looks really good on you.. somewhat less cakey and more natural, which I personally think suits you more <3

  6. This looks lovely on you! I think I am going to have to try it - I too thought it would be like the Dream Matte Mousse! Definitely something for me to buy on pay day if they have it in a pale shade :)
    Shelley xx

  7. Wait a sec, Max Factor is still around?! I can never find them anywhere. In any case, this looks like it has awesome coverage.

  8. I always struggle with mousse foundations but after seeing how glowing your skin looks, I am tempted to give it a go! x

    Lola & Behold

  9. Hannah your skin looks amazing!

  10. I used to always use this but haven't in years will need to try again as the shades blend so well x
    GLAMGLOW + Macadamia Oil Giveaway

  11. I love this foundation. Nearly need to go buy my second pot
    Megan x | MeganRoisinn

  12. Oh I really like the new MF whipped creme foundation too!:) I've also made today a post about my shade: 47 Blushing Beige here:

    Wish you a great new week and a comfy sunday evening!

    NIKA Bittner

  13. I was cautious of trying this foundation because of the whole dream matte mousse issue, but after this review I think I might take the plunge!

    Vickie xo | vickieblogs

  14. Great review, this foundation looks really good on your skin.


  15. your skin looks great! wish we had this brand in the states!


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