Skinbreeze Blemish Fix Serum Review

Thursday, 14 November 2013

I've suffered with acne-prone, blemished skin for years so I am always on the look out for products that claim to improve problem skin like mine. Whilst there are a lot of products out there on the market for blemish-prone skin, I always struggle when it comes to looking for serums. I can never seem to find serums that specifically concentrate on acne-prone skin types, which is annoying when that's my main skincare concern. In the past I've always opted for resurfacing serums as they seemed to be the nearest thing I could get to a serum for blemished skin. 

However, I was recently sent a couple of the serums from Skinbreeze, a brand I hadn't previously heard of. Skinbreeze is based in salons as well as having their own range of products, which target different skincare concerns. One of the serums I was sent from Skinbreeze was the Blemish Fix Serum, which I was seriously excited to use. The first thing I'll say about these products is how amazing is the packaging?! I've never seen anything like it before and it makes applying the product to my face really fun! It's shaped like a syringe and basically works that way too, although it's a bit of a novelty as you still pop some on your hand and then rub it into your face. I definitely think it's a really cool idea though, and makes you feel like you're really doing something for your skin. 

I've been using this serum for a fair few weeks now and I'm really, really impressed with the results. I tend to use this at night and I always notice in the morning as my skin looks so much clearer. I'd been having a bad spell with my skin and this serum completely cleared it up as well as declogging my pores, which I'm so impressed with. It contains salicylic acid, which is one of my favourite spot-fighting ingredients, and aims to hydrate the skin whilst tackling any problems. I love the fact it doesn't dry out my skin at all and I find this an absolute treat to use. I completely love it and it's definitely become my new HG serum!

Have you tried anything from Skinbreeze before? Let me know your thoughts!