Wednesday, 4 December 2013

I heart my iPad Mini

If you read my technology wishlist post a little while ago, you'll know I've been lusting after an iPad Mini for absolutely ages now. I've always wanted an iPad desperately - I love Apple and I couldn't think of having any other tablet. Whilst my iPhone is amazing, I wanted something bigger that I could pop in my handbag and keep myself entertained on train journeys, or for those moments when getting my laptop out is just too much effort. The original iPad seemed too bulky in my opinion (although there is now the snazzy Air version) and I prefer having something I can hold in one hand as opposed to a really big screen. I think the iPad Mini's Screen size is ideal for me and so, after months and months of lusting after one, I finally picked up my new iPad from good ol' Argos Online

Since getting my iPad, I literally haven't put it down. I love everything about it - it's visually gorgeous to look at (especially after adding my amazing Disney Princess background); I love how iOS 7 looks on it and the apps on it are fab. It's perfect if you're an on-the-go kinda gal; I'm always checking my emails on my phone but can never face replying on such a tiny screen, so using the Gmail app on my iPad makes things so much easier. Of course I have all the usual suspects on there - Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest, which is seriously amazing to view on the iPad. I also really like watching YouTube videos and catch-up TV on my iPad - my laptop struggles to handle these things in its old age so I like how I can whip my iPad Mini out and have a video playing within seconds. 

Having an iPad Mini has also really opened things up when it comes to blogging on-the-go. I know the majority of bloggers juggle blogging alongside work, so it's nice to have a medium to type up blog posts whilst you're on your commute in to work, without having to lug a laptop around with you. My favourite app for blogging is Blogpress - I think it's around £2 and it's really brilliant for typing up posts and getting them scheduled. I like to either write my posts up on there and then add my pics in later to upload, or get my pictures ready and edited in the post so that all I need to do on my iPad is type them up and I'm good to go. It's also made reading blogs a whole lot easier - I LOVE using Bloglovin on my iPad as everything just flows and works so much better (I personally think) than it does online. 

I've found having my iPad has made me a lot more organised - whilst I hate to admit it, I sometimes struggle when it comes to organisation and so having a place to write lists and keep on top of everything is great. Whilst I'm not about to chuck away my beloved list-making pads and notebooks, having apps like Evernote and Wunderlist really do help, especially as they sync to my iPhone, so I can keep things organised on all my devices. 

I couldn't resist getting an iPad Mini without buying a few cases for it. I'm the queen of iPhone cases so it seems only right to continue this for my iPad. Plus, I sure as hell aren't prepared to take my precious baby out unprotected! I got this cute plastic/silicone back cover for my iPad from Ebay for something ridiculous like £3, and I got the other floral case from Accessorize, at a slightly scary £30. I'd been wanting it forever though, so I think it's money well-spent! 

My favourite apps for iPad are probably Candy Crush (of course), Hootsuite (for scheduling tweets etc.), Blogpress, Bloglovin, Gmail, Pinterest and Evernote. I also love having my Kindle books on there, as although I have a Kindle it's nice to know if I forget it or the battery dies, I have my iPad Mini as back-up. 

I am absolutely head-over-heels in love with my iPad Mini and I honestly recommend it to anyone and everyone. 

Do you have an iPad/iPad Mini? What are your favourite apps?

This post is in collaboration with Argos Online


  1. I really want an iPad but with an iPhone 5s and Macbook air i can't find a good enough reason to buy one. My favourite apps are Instagram, Tumblr and Quiz up.


    1. This is my problem too. I have the iPhone5s and Macbook Pro, and I've literally just sold my iPad2 but still really want the iPad mini!

  2. Ah those cases are so pretty! Lovely and really informative post, makes me want my own iPad mini now :s

  3. I can see an image in the iphone...doesn't look like you though!! ;)

    1. Haha, my boyfriend wanted to get creative and take these pictures for me :) I love 'em!

  4. I bought my husband an iPad Mini for Christmas last year, thinking it was a great gift as I'd be able to use it too... but nope. He's on it constantly! If I even look at it he's like "get off!!". So I think I need to just bite the bullet and buy one for myself too (or hope he's smart enough to get one for me this xmas... but I doubt it, he is a man afterall!!).

    Victoria, x

  5. im the same in in love with mine too haha they are amazing!!

  6. i'm in love with my ipad mini too, i got the black one with sim card 32gb for my birthday this year and i couldn't be happier, yeah the ipad 2 and original ipad are too big and bulky for my bag so mini's like the perfect size.

  7. I have the newest regular iPad (the bulky one, as you say ;), but my contract is up so I'm dying to get the iPad Air!
    I agree, it's great to be able to just carry that around in your purse, as MacBooks seem to be quite luggish (even a MacBook air), and it just seems to be more convenient.
    That floral case is lovely and your pictures are really great too. :)


    Shree |

  8. I bought an iPad mini in september and it's honestly the best thing i've ever bought! I think i'm as smitten as you are! Also thanks for the link to the cases. I just ordered the cupcake one ;)


  9. That floral case is just gorgeous!


  10. I've considered buying one too, maybe I should buy it haha! I love your floral case, it's so cute :) x

  11. i love your princess wallpaper of iPad :) Lovely blog my love :) xx

  12. I really want one for Christmas! I hope I get one. And where is your lock screen photo from I really love Disney Princesses?

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale |

  13. That background is so lovely! where is it from?

  14. i cant decide whether to buy the ipad mini or buy a new laptop as I need my own for school work instead of arguing with my sister x


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