Lusting over Lashes

Sunday, 15 December 2013

If you've been a long-time reader of my blog, you'll know that my addiction to false lashes is something that I've been dealing with for quite some time. As much as I hate to admit it, I have gotten so used to wearing falsies on a daily basis that I feel really self-conscious and insecure without them on. I feel like my natural lashes are tiny, and when I whack a pair of falsies on my eyes are transformed, looking bigger, and, well, better. I do sometimes hate how reliant I am on them, and I am trying to wean myself off them slowly, but seen as we're in the midst of the festive season, what better excuse to talk you through some of my faves?!

As my addiction to falsies means I like to wear them every day, you'd think this was a pretty expensive habit. This just isn't the case. I buy some cheap Duo glue off Ebay, which is the best glue I've ever tried and a little tube will last me for ages, and always make sure I take care of my lashes to ensure they last me as long as possible. If you think lashes are only a one wear thing - you're very wrong. Okay, so we all have those nights out where we rip our lashes off in a drunken haze, only to find them screwed up on the bathroom floor the next day (after squealing at first sight and thinking they were spiders). However, if you make sure you look after them, carefully remove the excess glue and keep them safe in their little box, you'll find they can last you for weeks on end.

That being the case, I still don't like forking out too much on my lashes. As you'll know, I'm a big fan of Primark's £1-a-pop lashes, which are amazing quality, look really pretty and natural and last ages. Whilst they are slightly harder to apply than some false lashes, for the price you really can't grumble. They've also branched out and started making a few more styles (my favourites are the fluttery lashes), including dramatic lashes, ideal for the party season.

A recent discovery of mine in the cheapy lash department is Ebay lashes. Okay, so I've tried Ebay lashes in the past and didn't get on too well with them, but after some careful research I stumbled upon some really great sellers, whose lashes are brilliant quality and look amazing on. The best thing about them is they come in sets of 10 for as little as £1.50 - I can't do maths but I'm guessing that we're talking a few pence a lash - total bargain! I recommend looking for the sellers that over next-day dispatch, as well as making sure they are based in the UK. Whilst I have nothing against the Hong Kong sellers, I cannot stand waiting weeks on end to get my lashes, so the UK option is a lot better in my opinion.

Finally, I couldn't do a lash post and not put some Eylures in there. Whilst Eylure aren't the cheapest lashes you'll ever find, they are the best quality I've tried and have the biggest range of different styles. I like waiting for a 3 for 2 offer to come up before buying these, or waiting for their '1 pair extra free!' packs which you will find every now and again. I also love the Katy Perry lashes and the double lashes they do - whilst they're a bit more expensive, they're completely worth it for the drama-factor!

Are you a fan of false lashes? Which are your faves? Let me know!