Friday, 24 January 2014

Foxy Clip-in Hair Extensions

Synthetic Hair Extensions* - Foxy Hair Extensions

If there's one thing I'm always pining after, it's got to be Rapunzel-esque, super long locks. The dream is to one day have my own long flowing mermaid hair, but for now when I feel the need to embrace my inner long-locked princess, I turn to extensions. 

I've tried my fair share of extensions in the past and if you've been reading my blog since way back when you'll know I only ever use synthetic extensions. Partly due to not knowing where the extensions are sourced and partly down to the simple fact that the thought of someone else's hair on my head makes me shudder profusely, synthetic extensions will always remain my extensions of choice. Luckily, more and more companies are realising that not all of us ladies want the real deal, and therefore releasing synthetic versions of their popular styles.

A fair while ago I received some synthetic clip-in extensions from Foxy Hair Extensions to review, and I thought it was about time I let you know how I got on with them. I received the synthetic 25 inch extensions in the shade Light Golden Blonde, which is near-enough a perfect match for my hair. I apologise for the images of the product looking a tad brassy and really, really golden - I took them in low light and that's just how they came out unfortunately. However, the pictures of them in my hair show their true colour. 

The extensions came packaged nicely, and to my surprise even came with a brush and two sectioning clips, which make it super easy to whack these babies on. As they're clip-ins and all in one piece, it's a simple case of sectioning your hair and clipping these in. It takes me about five minutes, max, which is one of the things I love about clip-in extensions. Once on, these look and feel super soft and I adore how long they make my hair. Whilst they feel a tad heavy, it's not enough to annoy me and it's totally worth it for how great these look. 

Whereas a lot of synthetic extensions can't be heat-styled, these can to a certain degree, which is great if you want to wear them on a night out and curl/straighten your locks. I actually really like how these sit when they come straight out of the packet, so I'm yet to style them. Whilst the synthetic hair can get a bit tangled and messy sometimes (I've found this with all the synthetic extensions I've ever had) if you look after it well it can last you ages. 

I really love these hair extensions and totally recommend them if you're looking for a cheap alternative to real hair, or if, like me, you simply prefer the idea of synthetic extensions.


  1. I used to wear extensions but always stuck to real hair, because my hair goes mad in any weather and I needed to be able to style extensions to match haha! These look like good quality though, and a very good colour match! Are you able to dye them? I like dying extensions with low or highlights to get an exact match :) xx

  2. These look amazing. You can't even tell they aren't human hair :)

  3. I'm constantly pining over Rapunzel locks as well! these look amazing the colour match is great! xx
    An Uninventive Name

  4. These look amazing!! Your hair is gorgeous x

    Kerry @ little bits of luxury

  5. These look absolutely lovely on you, Hannah!



  6. They look like they blend so perfectly with your own hair, you would never know it isn't all yours. x

  7. I've somehow managed to grow my hair crazy long, but I'd love to get some extension to thicken it up for special occasions.

    Georgina at

  8. they look so real and the colour match is great! i already have long hair but if i didn't i would be pursuaded just from looking at the photos!


  9. I love those extensions! They blend in perfectly with your real hair and don't look fake. I used to wear extensions but I've finally grown my hair long enough that I don't need them :)

  10. They look great. P.s where is your top from? I'm in love!

  11. The colour of these is great on you :)


  12. These look gorgeous and really suit you, your hairs a beautiful colour!

    Claudia xx | Beauty and the Chic

  13. can i please just look like you? your stunning x

  14. the next time you go to get your hair done take these extensions to your hairdresser and have them blend them in for you and they'll look just like your own hair :) great color matching though!

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