Lush 'Space Girl' Bath Ballistic

Thursday, 2 January 2014

 Now Christmas has come to a close, despite the festivities dying down and getting back to the mundane and ordinary, I still have the excitement of a whole collection of gorgeous smellies, predominantly from Lush, to look forward to. On New Years Eve I decided to kick things off (I really let my hair down, ha!) with the bath ballistic 'Space Girl' from Lush, which I got in my 'Bunty' gift set. I've wanted to try this bath ballistic for ages and as we spent the night photographing stars, I thought it made rather an apt choice. 

Although Lush's bath ballistics aren't perhaps the wisest of investments, considering they only ever last one bath, they are totally worth it if you really want a bath to remember. 'Space Girl' is no different. The bath ballistic itself, like all Lush's bath bombs, looks amazing; it's a purple and fiery pink, and is covered in glitter (obviously). It has a gorgeously sweet smell of Parma Violets with a hint of fruitiness, and fizzes up in the bath like a treat, leaving in its wake a mix of pink and purple haze, which goes on to fill your bath with a gorgeous purple-grey colour. Whilst the glitter didn't show up in the bath as much as I would have liked, it was probably a blessing as it meant there was very little mess afterwards.

Overall I love this bath ballistic and would definitely get it again. Is it my favourite? No, but it's great if you want an uplifting, sweet and fruity bath with a hint of sparkle. 

Are you a fan of Lush's 'Space Girl' bath ballistic?