My New Favourite iPhone Case

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

I ordered this phone case a couple of days after Christmas - I was feeling the post-Christmas blues and generally, when this happens I seek the aid of internet shopping. I'd seen a girl with this phone case out-and-about a while ago and as soon as I typed in Moschino Bunny I knew this was the case I wanted. Now, I'd like to say I have the cash to fork out on the 'proper' Moschino case, but as it stands I don't, so Ebay always comes to my rescue. 

For a mere £7.50 I ordered the case and it was with me in a matter of days. If I was on-the-ball like most bloggers out there I'd have blogged this way back when I got it, but alas, I've taken my time and of course this beauty has been blogged about multiple times since. Oh well, I felt it only right to share it with my followers in the hope of giving you the inspiration to jazz up your iPhone cases. I'm becoming notorious for owning multiple cases but I think it's all part of the fun - dressing my phone up to match my mood.

Does anyone else have a penchant for pretty phone cases? What do you think to my bunny rabbit case?