My Pick of the Princess Products

Monday, 13 January 2014

Whilst I am a big fan of all things cheap-and-cheerful, drugstore-bought and affordable when it comes to beauty, I am also a great believer in treating yourself every now and then. As much as I like spending a pound or two on a cheap lippy in Boots, there is something of a special feeling that comes with splurging on an expensive lippy, foundation or eyeshadow palette. As proud as I am to march down the highstreet with my Superdrug bag in hand, packed full with £1 products, I feel a great deal of satisfaction when the beauty counter girl hands me over a shiny gold YSL bag, or, better still, the classic white Chanel number, after carefully wrapping my brand new lipstick in tissue paper and popping it in. As silly as it might sound, it leaves me feeling somewhat empowered, satisfied and excited to try the treat I've just bought, which is incomparable to the feeling I get when I buy cheap makeup. There's just something a tad princess-esque about luxury, high-end beauty products.

Which of course, leads me to what this post is all about - my pick of those 'princess' products. Yesterday I uploaded a brand new 'Princess Tag' video to my channel, in which you will find me talking about my ultimate favourite high-end beauty buys. I thought it made perfect sense to do a blog post to go alongside this, to let all my blog readers know which luxe beauty products get me in a spin. 

First up, of course, is foundation. Now, those long-time blog readers of mine will know there is only one foundation that I can profess an undying love for, and that is Estee Lauder's Double Wear. I wear this on a daily basis because it provides a gorgeous full-coverage, keeps my skin matte and stays put, all day long. There isn't a foundation that compares to it, I promise you. In terms of concealer, a recent favourite of mine has to be YSL's Touche Eclat*. Of course this little baby has been swooned over for years, but it's only recently that I got my mitts on it. The rest - as they say - is history. This concealer is amazing at concealing dark circles, brightening the skin and leaving you looking bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. I won't ever be looking back. When it comes to powders, I have to admit, I have a few faves. The powder that I have sworn by over the past year or so is Paul & Joe's Face Powder*, which is a fantastic transparent loose powder that is brilliant at mattifying the skin and leaving it looking flawless. Another princess-esque powder I felt needed added to my little list is of course Estee Lauder's Zodiac Compact*, which is the most luxurious-looking beauty product I own. I mean, just look at it - completely stunning. 

In terms of bronzer, my current luxury bronzer of choice is undoubtedly Guerlain's Terracotta Bronzer*, which is the perfect matte bronze shade, that blends beautifully and looks stunning on the skin. For blush, I don't actually own the blush in question, but it has got to be NARS' Orgasm, the queen of all pretty blushers out there. My favourite luxury highlighter is the one I always bang on about on here - Estee Lauder's Illuminating Powder Gelee in Heatwave*. This was limited edition so I'm pretty sure you can't get hold of it now, but if you can, I urge you to. It's simply beautiful. 

I didn't have to think for very long about my eyeshadow of choice - it had to be the Dior Golden Flower Palette, from their Golden Winter collection. I won this through Escentual on Twitter a little while ago and I have been using it daily since. It is a beautiful mix of shimmery golds, pinks and browns, and is seriously stunning. My eyeliner choice was Dior's Diorshow Art Pen, which I'm not yet lucky enough to own, but if I was ever to splurge on an eyeliner it would be this one. I love a pen-shaped liner to really add precision and ease-of-use, so this looks perfect. For mascara, there is only one contender - Benefit's They're Real. Although I'm a faux lashes kinda' gal, if I ever have a day off from my lashes I always turn to this mascara. It gives you big, beautifully long lashes that are thick and voluminous - what more could a girl want?!

Next up - lip products. Now, I'm not a big user of lipliner but if I was to choose any it would be BareMinerals - their liner is fab quality and does the job well. For lipstick, it can only ever be one brand - Yves Saint Laurent*. Their lipsticks are my favourite thing to buy whenever I feel a splurge coming on, and everything from the packaging to the formulation and range of colours gets a big thumbs up from me. If you've never owned a YSL lippy before, I urge you to go and get one. It'll change your (makeup) life! For lipgloss I look to Bobbi Brown*. Whilst I'm not a big lover of lipgloss (sticky lips + windswept hair = disaster) Bobbi Brown's isn't too sticky and looks lovely on. 

My luxury brow product of choice is actually something I blogged about in my last post - the Chelsea Beautique Brow Powder*. If you read the review, you'll know that this powder ticks all the boxes when it comes to creating perfectly shaped brows, so it gets my vote. For a misc product, I couldn't resist popping in my beloved REN Skincare Moroccan Rose Otto Bath Oil*, which is the definition of a luxury bathing product, and my nail polish of choice had to be Paul & Joe*. Their nail polishes are stunning and the packaging just spells out princess, making them the obvious choice.

What are your favourite luxury beauty 'princess' products?