My Makeup Station

Sunday, 9 February 2014

If there's one thing all organised beauty lovers get excited about, it's got to be makeup storage. I love nothing more than whiling away the hours swooning over 'Makeup Collection & Storage' videos on YouTube, admiring the many impressive collections on there, and seeing how they're stored. Whilst I don't think my set-up compares to theirs in any way, shape or form, I thought it was time a gave you guys a bit of a peek into how I store my makeup. 

I'm not going to talk through my full collection here, as it's kept in a big draw which I'm still in desperate need of organising, but the majority of makeup that I use on a daily basis I keep on my MALM chest of drawers from Ikea. I like to call it my 'makeup station', where I apply my makeup on a daily basis. Amongst my little knick knacks and pretty bits and pieces (candles and birdcages aplenty), I keep my makeup bag, Muji drawers, lipstick holder and my makeup brushes. My makeup bag is from Ted Baker and is the perfect size for storing all my go-to beauty products. It's wipe-proof too which is brilliant, and it looks prettier-than-pretty sitting amongst my makeup storage. Speaking of which, my lipstick holder is from Ebay and is a total bargain at around £3.50. It stores 24 lipsticks and comes in really handy if you're a lipstick lover like me. I've blogged about it in detail here. I don't know where I'd be without my Revlon Illuminated Makeup Mirror, which is double-sided with one side magnified, perfect for doing my eye makeup. I'm not entirely sure what I did before purchasing it - it makes doing my makeup so much easier and enjoyable. 

The main event when it comes to my makeup area is most definitely my Muji drawers*. A recent addition to my makeup station, I've been lusting after these for so long and can definitely see an addiction coming on. They're amazing if you're a lover of makeup packaging and having your products on display, but without having the clutter of keeping them all out. I've chosen to keep some of my favourite high-end makeup items in my drawers as they're too pretty to hide away, and it makes me more prone to using them. I definitely want to add a few more of the Muji clear acrylic drawers to my collection. Muji are actually currently celebrating Muji Beauty Month, and offering an amazing 10% off online with the code 'MUJIBEAUTY'. They're also doing an event at their Oxford Street store in London on the 18th February, offering 20% off purchases, as well as goodie bags, complimentary drinks and eye makeovers from Shu Eemura. Check out all the details here. I'd definitely swing by if I was in London! 

Are you a fan of organising your makeup? What do you think to my makeup set-up?