Pretty Glittery Poodles

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Being the typical girly girl that I am, when it comes to jewellery if you were to put the words 'glittery' 'pink' and 'poodle' in a sentence together you'd probably get a cheer of delight from me. I love anything quirky, kitsch or cute, particularly when talking jewellery, so you can imagine how excited I was when H. Samuel got in touch about sending me a little something from their site for Valentine's Day. 

Whilst some women prefer some sexy lingerie (so this survey states), chocolates or simply a meal out, for Valentine's Day I always hope for jewellery. You just can't beat the feeling of opening up that little box to reveal something small and sparkly. Whilst I might not have received jewellery from my boyfriend this year, H. Samuel's treat made me more than happy. 

When deciding what I wanted, I of course immediately went to the Betsey Johnson section. I am a huge Betsey Johnson fan and upon learning that H. Samuel stock so many of her gorgeous jewel creations, I knew I had to get something from the Betsey Johnson brand. It was a difficult decision, but in the spirit of all things romantic and Valentines-esque (I wore these for my Valentine's meal) I thought these pretty glittery poodle earrings were perfect. 

I am SO in love with these earrings. Although I'm not usually one for dangly earrings, I think with a big beehive up-do these look so pretty. They are perfectly pink, covered in glitter and encrusted with crystals, and are definitely the perfect way to add a talking-point to your outfit. 

I am head over heels for this cute poodle earrings and want to thank H. Samuel so much for treating me to them this Valentine's! 

Did you get some sparkly jewellery for Valentine's Day?