The Online Shopping Buzz

Friday, 28 February 2014

Online shopping; we all love it right? There's no denying it has taken over the high street in terms of popularity and sales, and I for one can see why. As much as I love a good rummage around the sale rails, trying on countless clothing items in the changing rooms and finishing the day off with a trip to Pizza Express, I'd be lying if I said those shopping trip days weren't few and far between for me anymore. 

But why is that? I hear you ask. Well, as much as I love making a day of it and coming home with a boot fit to burst with shopping bags galore, the lazy person in me much prefers buying things in the comfort of my own home. Safe away from the wind and rain, I'm more than content clicking away at my computer, adding endless things into my invisible shopping basket. There's no shop assistant pressuring me into buying the ugliest shoes I've ever seen, no queue for the tills and definitely no need to even get myself dolled up for a day of shopping - I can do it in my pyjamas if need be.

The internet is taking over, well, everything at the moment, and so it makes sense that online shopping gets a moment in the spotlight too. I have a strong inkling that the birth of blogging has definitely helped things for those clothes and beauty websites out there - it is now easier than ever to see what your favourite blogger is wearing, and then to quickly be re-directed to the very site said blogger got it from. In a matter of seconds that gorgeous tee you immediately fell in love with after spotting on so-and-so's blog is now winging its way to you, all thanks to a little thing we call the internet. It's magical, really, if you think about it. 

Shopping online has definitely come on leaps and bounds lately, too. As if it wasn't already ridiculously convenient, there are now ways of reserving things in store, checking stock, putting outfits together and even watching a model walking down the catwalk in your clothing item of choice. Online shopping puts you right a the top of the fashion pack too - whereas smaller stores won't stock nearly as many items as the Oxford Street stores will, it doesn't matter where websites are concerned - in most cases new things hit the shelves online long before they see the high street. 

Whilst a part of me does feel bad for the independent fashion boutiques and high street stores that are losing out because of the buzz surrounding the online shopping world, I can't deny that I would be seriously miffed it we didn't have it. I should say I do 80% of my shopping online - I shop for clothes online, makeup online, gadgets online - it's only those occasional shopping-days-out where my feet will grace the high street. It might seem like a shame, but I don't think you can beat the buzz of pressing 'buy now', only to relive the excitement again a few days later when the postman turns up, laden with parcels for you. Online shopping will always be my preferred method of buying things, and I'm excited to see what the future holds for it as technology advances further. 

Are you a fan of online shopping, or do you prefer to brave the high street to do your shopping?

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