The Dreaming Days Where the Mess Was Made

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Dress*: ASOS
Headband: Topshop
Bracelet: Boutique 

Remember me? I know, I know, I have been a truly terrible blogger over the past week, and for that I really apologise. As lame as it sounds, I had my bottom braces fitted last Friday and I've been in so much pain I've had little to no desire to blog. I'm a total wimp I know, but the majority of the past week has been spent dosing up on pain killers and resting in bed. Having a tooth out plus the pain of the wires has made this week so incredibly painful. I did somehow manage to make it down to London on Thursday for an event which took even more potential blogging time up. I'm feeling much better now though (I've either gotten over the fact I'm a total wuss and grown a pair or, in fact, the pain has pretty much stopped) and so blogging shall commence as normal. Yay! 

One of the reasons I've got my blogging mojo back is because I was lucky enough to be selected by ASOS to take part in their prom dress campaign. I am the ultimate prom/princess dress fan, so felt this was obviously the perfect thing for me to be a part of. I got the choose from a big selection of stunning prom dresses and the above outfit pictures show you the one I went for. Whilst it's not the traditional spring palette, I love how the beading contrasts with the navy blue and think it gives off a really ethereal vibe. I felt a bit like a fairy prancing around the garden in it, which is a sure-fire way to show if I'm a fan of a dress. 

In other news - how beautiful has the weather been today? I actually got my legs out for the first time this year and didn't even shiver when I took Rory out on an epicly-long walk in the sun. It's got me so excited about spring and the fashion it brings so hopefully there should be a lot more outfit posts coming up soon, along with a potential lookbook over on my YouTube channel if I can rope my boyfriend into filming it! 

I hope everyone has had a lovely weekend in the sunshine!