£20 Outfit Challenge | Spring

Monday, 5 May 2014

All clothing - Primark

Huge apologies for not blogging in, *gasp*, over a week. Sometimes I think it's nice to take a break and reassess things, just enjoy not having to blog every single thing you do and just enjoy life. I've really relished having a week away from blogging and it definitely has me back brimming with ideas and inspiration to keep you guys entertained. To bring my blog back to life, I thought I'd upload a bit of a different outfit post today and give you a video along with it too. 

The gorgeous Becca Rose tagged me to do the £20 Outfit Challenge on YouTube, and me being the bargain fiend that I am, jumped at the chance. I thought it would be pretty tough trying to put together an ENTIRE outfit with a mere £20 note but I actually found it really easy after a quick trip to Primark! 

For all the details on the outfit, check out my brand spanking new video below, and I'd love it if you could subscribe