Benefit #CriminallyEasy Event & New Product Launch

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

On Monday evening I hot-footed it down to London Town for an extremely exciting Benefit Cosmetics event. I am a huuuuuuge fan of Benefit as a brand and I was so excited to attend my first ever Benefit event. I was even more excited to learn what the amazing new product launch was - and I wasn't disappointed.

When I arrived at the venue, it was clear to see Benefit had gone all-out in setting the scene for the #CriminallyEasy event. Hosted at the Benefit 'Criminal Facility', with the 'Crime Scene' taped off in the signature bright pink tape and matching cones, of course, it was the perfect place to debut the new #CriminallyEasy product. Several rather hunky (but somewhat scary) policemen were on guard throughout the event, and when you continued inside the theme didn't stop there - with Benebabes decked out in orange jumpsuits, a prison officer on guard to take your mugshot, as well as prison bunk beds, bars and even prison food aplenty (it's okay, it looked considerably nicer than I imagine prison food to be!)

Once we were in and settled, we all sat down to watch the Benebabes talk us through the new product launch and the planning that went behind it. This new product has been years in the making and I can definitely state that it is probably Benefit's most exciting launch to date. Finally, the product was revealed - a brand spanking new They're Real Push-Up Eyeliner. Benefit told us how there isn't yet a 'WOW' eyeliner product on the market and this beauty is all set to change that. Shaped like a pen, but with the longevity and pigmentation of a gel liner, this product is set to be any eyeliner junkie's dream come true. As you probably know, I myself am I HUGE eyeliner lover and rarely go a day without wearing it, so I am so incredibly excited about this new product.

The product makes up a trio of products now sitting pride of place on the Benefit Wall of Fame - They're Real Mascara, of course, is one of the products, but Benefit are also introducing a new product which will work perfectly on both the mascara and the eyeliner. Benefit Cosmetics have recognised that whilst their They're Real Mascara is totally incredible, it can be a bit of a pain to get off, so they have decided to give it its very own Makeup Remover specifically made for removing both it and the eyeliner. It's said to be a really gentle formulation so I'm really keen to see how it works!

I went away from the event with a goodie bag full of all the new products to try, so I'll be testing them out over the coming weeks and letting you guys know how I get on. The eyeliner launches on June 28th, so get that date in your diaries if you want to change the way you do your eyeliner forever!

Are you excited about the new launch from Benefit?