Favourite Tanning Products & Tips on Getting a Gorgeous Glow

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Being tanned is probably one of the things I love most about how far beauty products have come over the years. I mean, before fake tan came along most people would look to sunbeds and the like for getting a glow - something I am completely against. Knowing I can pop on a bit of tan (or sunshine in a bottle) and wake up a few hours later with a gorgeous golden glow makes me a very happy girl indeed.

I've been a self-confessed tan addict for years now, and with that being the case it means I have had a chance to try out many a tan over the years. Whilst my personal favourite used to be my beloved St Moriz (which I am still a fan of now), tan has come on leaps and bounds over the past few years, and with it new brands and innovations have been released, opening a whole new door up for fake tanaholics like myself. I thought it was about time I gave you the run-down on my current favourite tanning products, as well as a few hints and tips along the way.

First up - gradual tanners. After taking a little break from tanning a while back, I eased myself back into the world of fake tan by using gradual tanners. When my love affair with tan first began way back when, gradual tanning products were what introduced me to the world of tanning. My ultimate favourite gradual tanner has got to be Dove's Summer Glow. Whilst it might leave you feeling a bit sticky once applied, it doesn't have the harsh smell most tans possess, and it gives you a really lovely natural glow. The thing I love about gradual tanners is that they work as a moisturiser, meaning your skin doesn't dry out as much as it would with traditional tanners. Another, more recent addition to my gradual tanning products is Cocoa Brown's Gentle Bronze*. This is a very similar product to Dove - it keeps skin moisturised, smells nice and gives a really beautiful tan. Whilst I still think Dove takes the award for best gradual tanner, Cocoa Brown's effort is a definite contender.

When it comes to normal fake tanners, my current favourite has got to be Cocoa Brown's One Hour Tanning Mousse. Whilst I usually prefer lotions as opposed to mousses, due to mousses being a fair bit more drying, Cocoa Brown's One Hour Mousse is actually really moisturising and lasts really well. It gives a gorgeous natural tan, and whilst I prefer to leave it on over night, you can have it on for a mere one hour and it'll give you a difference in colour. This tan smells amazing, lasts ages and is definitely one of the darkest tans I've tried. I absolutely love it.

Sticking with Cocoa Brown (I know, I just can't get enough of this brand at the minute), exfoliating is a HUGE part of successful tanning, and Cocoa Brown's 'Tough Stuff'* is simply amazing as an exfoliator. With really fine beads that exfoliate the skin deep down, this three-in-one exfoliator is ideal for prepping the skin for tan, as well as getting rid of stubborn old tan. It's also an amazing bright pink and smells gorgeous, which gives it a big thumbs up from me.

Finally, I couldn't do a post on tanning without talking about Clarins' amazing new innovative tanning product, the Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster*. This little baby is fantastic if you like to maintain your tan over time. You see, whilst all the fake tanners out there leave your face looking lovely and golden the first day you use it - with all the skincare products/cleansing/makeup removing we do on a regular basis, the tan on our face pretty much diminishes completely by the second or third day. However, with Clarins' cute little bottle of tan booster, you can keep that golden glow for as long as you like. Simply drop a couple of droplets into your regular moisturiser and you'll see the product starts to work like a gradual tanner, only the great thing is that you can use it with your moisturiser of choice. It's a really handy little product, and perfect if skincare is really important to you, but you still want to give yourself a golden glow.

Want to hear a bit more about my favourite tanning products and my tanning regime? Take a look at my new tanning video below!