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July Favourites 2014

Another new month, another favourites post! Apologies for this being slightly delayed, but better late than never, right? Throughout the month of July it was less about beauty products for me and a bit more about other bits and pieces, but of course I've still got a fair few beauty bits to talk about too!

First up, I couldn't do a July Favourites without mentioning Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream*. After being sent this a month or so ago it has been my go-to perfume and I literally wore it throughout the entirety of July. It's such a gorgeous scent, really fresh and floral and perfect for the summer. For a full review, check out my post here. Next up, despite buying these way back earlier on in the year, July was the month I finally put my Rimmel ScandalEyes Shadow Paint to the test. These creamy eyeshadows are super pigmented, extremely metallic and glide on beautifully. They're really long-lasting and incredibly easy to apply, and I've been wearing these together on a regular basis. Another beauty product I've been loving has got to be Ren's ClearCalm Replenishing Gel Cream*, which I've been using as my moisturiser throughout the past month. Designed for blemish-prone skin, this moisturiser works deep down to keep skin clear whilst keeping it hydrated. I'm really enjoying using it and will hopefully have a full review up soon!

Although I mentioned The Wet Brush* in yesterday's blog post, I couldn't resist featuring it in my favourites, as I've been using it religiously lately. As I said yesterday, this is an incredible brush that completely kicks Tangle Teezer's butt - I urge you to try it. Finally beauty-wise, I've been obsessed with this stunning glittery polish from Essence, a brand which very recently came under my radar. This is a seriously sparkly Special Effect Topper Polish, packed with thick iridescent glitter pieces that look like shiny sequins. I'll be blogging about it with swatches soon!

As for non-beauty favourites, July saw me rekindle my love for some of my old favourite games and devices. I've been using my Kindle to read books on constantly, haven't been able to stop myself playing Candy Crush Saga (I know, I know, I'm a terrible person) and have also fallen back in love with my favourite childhood game, The Sims. I'm so excited for The Sims 4 to be released next month!

What were you loving throughout the month of July? Let me know! For a further peek at what I've been loving, check out my video below...



  1. I definitely agree with The Sims! I re-kindled my love for it at university and now I've found myself with the entire collection! Oops haha!

  2. Lovely video! Your make-up looks lovely :) X

  3. I love your blog! This is a great post :)
    Come visit me <3

  4. The wet brush sounds interesting. I need to stock my kindle up with books to read on holiday. I always go through phases of reading. I wish I was someone who constantly had a book on the go. If I commuted to work that would probably change but I live too close (so i walk) and knowing me if i read my kindle while walking i'd just walk into a lamppost!
    ​​Leanne @ Leanne-Marie ​ x​​x

  5. Rimmel eyeshadow paints are great :)

    Emily xx

  6. Sims3 has been one of my favourites too, I ordered it last month and I'm so glad I did but I've spent so much time on it haha!

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  7. Ah the Sims 3! Love that game, spent hours and hours playing it!

  8. Gotta love the sims xx

  9. I love the Rimmel Scandaleyes Eyeshadows as well, I managed to find two at Poundland as well so that was a bargain :)

  10. Oh my god I have fallen back in love with the Sims also! Literally I have been spending hours upon hours playing it recently, it's so addicting! xxx

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