Autumn Get Ready with Me

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Today I ventured back into the world of YouTube after a long unplanned break, and I thought I'd come back with a bang in the form of this Autumn 'Get Ready with Me' video. I've only done one or two 'Get Ready with Me' videos in the past, so I'm still a little rusty, but I hope you like how it turned out. I thought I'd opt for a really autumnal look based around a deep wine red lip, as I adoooore this kind of look when things start turning autumnal. The look is pretty easy to recreate and I think it'll suit every skin tone. I didn't even use lip liner on the lips and I think I got away with it... maybe. 

Have a watch of the video below and let me know what you think. Also, if you'd like me to do more makeup looks or you have any requests, then give me a comment to let me know :)