Rory's Letter to Santa Paws

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Okay, so as Christmas is fast approaching (I can't believe it's December tomorrow - where has this year gone?!) and Rory is my numero uno when it comes to buying presents, I thought it was only right to share with you the things on his Christmas list. 

He is definitely a very pampered pooch, and he makes me so very happy, so definitely deserves to be spoilt at Christmas time. The lovely people at Pets at Home said they'd give Santa a helping hand with his Christmas presents, so here is his letter to Santa Paws himself, in all its glory... 

Dear Santa Paws,
I have been a very good boy this year, and definitely think I deserve some lovely presents. As my bed is getting a bit old and tatty, my mum says I really ought to have a new one, and whilst I don't really care what it looks like (as long as it's snuggly and warm) I know my mum likes florals, so I'd very much like the floral dog bed (1) to snooze on throughout winter. I love playing tug games with anyone who will get involved, so this Gromit tug toy (2) would be perfect come playtime. I have a bit of a thing for treats (what dog doesn't!?) and think these Bakers Allsorts (3) look really yummy, and this Frankie Frog toy (4) will be great for cuddling (and chewing!) I've never had a Kong toy before but I'd really like one, so this small Kong toy (5) would be great to try and get treats out of. Speaking of treats, I hate having my teeth brushed but mum says these Bailey Bites minties (6) will taste yummy whilst keeping my breath nice and fresh. When it comes to Christmas, I love dressing up (note sarcasm - I always try to pull my most unimpressed face when mum puts me in an outfit), and this Christmas Pudding outfit (7) will make the perfect addition to my ever-expanding collection of ridiculous costumes (erm, don't tell mum I called them ridiculous). I absolutely HATE bath time, so this dry shampoo from Pet Head (8) will hopefully mean I can get out of having a bath when I really don't feel like it (which is all the time). 
Going on WALKIES is my favourite thing to do, and I'm in very much need of a new lead, so this cool funky tropical one would be nice (it expands too, so I can run off without my mum worrying about me). I am a big fan of snoozing in the living room as well as at bed time, so this Joules duvet would be great to snuggle up on during the day - it even has flying ducks on it, and I love chasing ducks. I only have one harness and could do with another (because I love walkies so much) so this black floral one (11) would do nicely, and again, I added these sweet potato bones (12) to the list as they sounded really yummy. I'd really like a couple more toys too, as playing with my toys is definitely one of my favourite things to do (along with snoozing and going on WALKIES), so this plush owl (13) and eco bone toy (14) will finish off my list nicely. 
I hope you will be able to get me a few things off this list - I have been a very, very good boy this year and mummy says I deserve being spoilt. I also promise I won't bark at the TV so much and I will get over my fear of the new dog flap if you get me some of these goodies. Thank you Santa. 
Lots of love, Rory Dog xx

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1. Floral Dog Bed - From £25
2. Gromit Tug - £7
3. Bakers Allsorts - £1.29
5. Kong Toy - £6
11. Floral Harness - £10
12. Owl Plush Toy - £10
14. Small Beco Rubber Dog Toy - £4

*This post was written in collaboration with Pets at Home, who will be helping Santa out and sending Rory some lovely treats! It is NOT sponsored.*